CSG Conversational AI

Deploy Conversational AI (artificial intelligence) so your customers can communicate naturally with applications, websites and devices across channels.

Speak Your Customers’ Language

Delivering conversational AI applications that evolve as the business grows requires a platform that is scalable, multilingual and device-independent. One that can seamlessly integrate with back end systems and third-party applications, support enterprise-level call and text volumes—but is also easy to use.

Create more personalized and engaging customer experiences with CSG Conversational AI. Quickly create a wide range of conversational interfaces. Build once and deploy in multiple languages, across multiple platforms and channels. Natural language is an intuitive way for customers to interact with technology, letting them speak or type as they normally would instead of responding to prompts. Let customers connect with you across channels, speeding time to resolution, improving their brand experience and creating loyalty and advocacy.


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Just Ask for What You Want

Speed, convenience and effortlessness are essential parts of a good conversational experience. From speech-enabled interfaces to intelligent virtual assistants and smart chatbots, Conversational AI is changing the way people interact with businesses. The solution provides a more humanlike, natural experience and reduces the effort customers have to put into getting their problem solved.

Virtual Assistants

Use virtual assistants for support, sales and marketing, agent assist and even enterprise HR. by simply voicing their needs. Conversational AI can connect to vast knowledge bases for fast resolution, improving CX metrics and delivering cost savings.

Easy to Implement

Conversational AI is scalable, provides multi-intent understanding and contextual awareness, and supports more than 80 languages. Deploy a wide range of natural language applications from the platform, including virtual assistants, chatbots and speech-based conversational UIs.

Build for the Future

You’ve invested time and resources into your existing automated communication channels—so why start from scratch? Repurpose the logic you’ve used in prior projects into Conversational AI (like reusing an IVR flow for a chat flow). This accelerates how fast you can get up and running.



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