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Conversational AI

A Human(like) Touch to Customer Experience

Cut costs and wow customers with conversational artificial intelligence (AI) that understands their speech, context and intent—most importantly, helps them get things done.

Conversational AI Software That Gets Results

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Streamline service using contextual awareness

Make customers feel understood with conversational AI assistants that anticipate their needs based on their profiles, sentiment and cross-channel interactions.

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Resolve many requests in one interaction

Most customer-facing AI can only track one request at a time. CSG Conversational AI’s multi-intent understanding prevents customers from having to repeat themselves or call back.

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Automate great experiences everywhere

Leverage virtual assistants in multiple channels and lines of business. Multiply the value with each deployment while delivering consistent messaging and knowledge.

25 Conversational AI Software Use Cases

Learn where conversational AI can make processes easier and less costly—from helping customers update their account information to training contact center agents.

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Why CSG Conversational AI Systems?

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Launch the ideal pilot project

The toughest decision isn’t whether to start leveraging AI, but where. We’ll help identify an initial implementation that combines huge value with easy deployment.

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Demonstrate ROI with CAI

We’ll show you real-world applications for cutting contact center costs, training employees faster, automating loyalty-winning experiences and more.

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Scale easily as you go

Launch your first application in few as 90 days. CSG Conversational AI software learns through interactions, so you’ll have a running start for deploying it throughout the enterprise.

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