CSG and Amazon Web Services

Together, CSG and Amazon Web Services are helping the world’s most innovative companies simplify the complexity of business transformation in the digital age.

Be a Game Changer with CSG And AWS

Becoming a game-changer requires time, expertise and commitment. Together, CSG and AWS are committed to providing the most cutting-edge capabilities and experience to help customers accelerate transformation with agility and scalability. 


CSG is recognized as one of AWS top Global ISVs, delivering game-changing customer experiences and revenue growth at scale while reducing infrastructure expenditures. The integration of CSG’s award-winning, multi-vertical, cloud-based solutions with the secure and reliable AWS Cloud helps solve customers’ challenges with agility, speed and extraordinary quality.   


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CSG Warranty Service Management is a SaaS, cloud-based platform that enables companies to offer contactless warranty processing for their customers.

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CSG selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run its industry-leading and recognized Ascendon platform.

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Together, CSG and AWS help organizations retain and expand their customer bases, increase revenues by accelerating the launch of new services, support new business model and offering innovation, and reduce costs through a cloud-based architecture. 

Scale Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Access the latest functionality without worrying about IT installation, operations and/or future upgrades. On AWS, CSG solutions elastically scale when volumes fluctuate and can support live updates without the need for downtime. 

Resiliency and Global Reach

CSG solutions are available across the globe through AWS global infrastructure. AWS operates across 42 availability zones (AZs) within 16 geographic regions and is resilient by design. 

Highest Security & Data Sovereignty

AWS is built on the most secure global infrastructure with the most comprehensive compliance controls. AWS supports security standards including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2 and NIST 800-171. 



Ascendon is a globally recognized and award-winning solution that has helped some of the world’s most innovative companies not just compete, but thrive in the digital economy. 

Field Service Management

CSG Field Service Management is an award-winning, multi-vertical, cloud-based platform that supports more than 75,000 field service users every day. It is the engine that processes more than 100 million work orders every year for some of the world’s largest communications service providers.

Warranty Service Management

With CSG Warranty Service Management, clients can optimize the claims process, dispatching and vendor diversification, all while significantly reducing costs and maximizing customer retention and loyalty.

Digital Wholesale

The CSG Digital Wholesale suite—Interconnect, Route, Assure and Exchange—helps operators protect interconnect margins and improve the customer experience through comprehensive billing, rating and revenue management. 

CSG Forte

CSG Forte provides innovative payment solutions that support the digital transformation of our customers’ payment ecosystems.



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Warranty Service Management

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Learn more how CSG Warranty Service Management, powered by AWS, helped New Leaf Service Contracts streamline a seamless warranty experience for cus ...

AWS Solution

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CSG selected Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run its industry-leading and recognized Ascendon platform. AWS has the data security, global reach, on-de ...