CSG Customer Data Platform

Knowing your customer is hard when what you know about them is scattered across many systems and data sources. Unify that data into comprehensive, coherent customer profiles with CSG CDP


Delivering great customer experience demands that you have a good understanding of who your customer is and what is happening at that moment. Despite collecting more customer data than ever before, many companies struggle to manage and activate it, especially to truly personalize, at scale, in real time.

CSG CDP brings all of your enterprise’s customer information to a single system to drive exceptional customer engagement with a data-driven approach. By aggregating data from multiple sources, unifying that data into coherent customer profiles, and segmenting actionable data sets to power your campaigns, CSG CDP converts complexity into clear, simple, customer-centric action.

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Intelligent Personalization at Scale

CSG CDP gives you a clear, 360-degree view of your customers using informed segmentations and predictive models. Optimize the timing and targeting of key messages and offers for personalization at scale. Generate additional revenue by creating new products with your data.

Democratize Your Data

Make it easy for your diverse stakeholders to self-serve, accelerating how they manage and analyze data. Marketing and servicing users have a single platform to segment, manage and operationalize data flowing to their back-office and client-side applications. Analysts have a centralized view and access to customer and marketing data to create dashboards, reports, and analytics. Data scientists have a single intuitive interface to deploy models and organize data to function with internal and external applications.

Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Improve CX and marketing performance by enabling a unique single profile of all customers. CSG CDP provides central segmentation and AI modelling capabilities. It also activates campaigns using marketing technologies of your choice.

Easy Cloud Transformation

Simplify the migration path from traditional customer data system to the cloud. The low-to-no-code interface lets you add new data sources, destinations, and easy plug-in to your favorite analytics and data science tools. CSG CDP deploys within your existing data architecture for greater efficiency and security.



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CSG Named a Leader in SPARK Matrix

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