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CSG Experiences Practice

Reinvent your business with a proven experience partner

Discover bold solutions to your toughest obstacles in customer and employee experience. Apply them to achieve extraordinary business outcomes—fast. We collaborate with business leaders to innovate industry-leading journeys.

Bold strategies for meaningful outcomes

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Gain insights and direction

Pinpoint where and how to invest in CX to grow revenue. Translate voice of the customer (VOC) and other data to determine the right strategic changes to journeys.

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Transform customer journeys

Envision and execute journeys that not only set you apart from competitors, but also address your business’ key KPIs.

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Modernize your workflows

Alleviate friction in your critical customer and employee journeys by infusing data, AI and automation—all guided by the needs of your stakeholders.

Ask the customer experience experts

You’re striving to create industry-leading customer journeys. You don’t have to do it alone. Talk with the CSG Experiences Practice to learn new approaches to your CX challenges.
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How ADT Cut Billing Calls by 20%

ADT knew they could re-tool their billing statement to improve their customer experience and reduce call volumes. What they didn’t know was how dramatic the impact would be.
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Why CSG Experiences Practice


Expertise for any industry

We’ve helped everyone from global telecoms to nonprofits to strategize and deliver transformative experiences. Any organization can excel with our design-led thinking models.


You’ll learn how we do it

You’ll get more than results from the CSG Experiences Practice. We walk you through our approach to experiences so you can replicate it again and again.


Holistic approaches for the best outcomes

There’s no organization just like yours. That’s why we learn all about your processes and the customers you serve to deliver the most effective advice and designs.

Get a fresh perspective now

When you’re working with the right experts, no experience challenge is too big. Let’s tackle it together, today.