VicTrack’s Digital Transformation Speeds Up Time to Market and ROI

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There’s a lot riding on Victoria’s public transport system, and VicTrack’s telecommunications network keeps it running—providing ticketing, customer information and other critical systems in the Australian state. On top of that, VicTrack provides telecom products and services to partners and agencies in the wholesale market.

But the decades-old network required an overhaul. Its manual processes slowed down quoting, pricing and qualifying, which hampered Victrack’s time to market and ROI. To help automate functions and streamline workflows, VicTrack chose DGIT Systems (today part of CSG) as a digital transformation partner.

Download this case study to learn how CSG Encompass Quote helped VicTrack:

  • Cut process and deployment times by 30%
  • Consolidate hundreds of products to just 26
  • Create new revenue opportunities in their wholesale business
  • And more