CSG Singleview Commerce Engine

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You want a single system to handle your complete customer base—offering both online and offline charging, so that real-time credit management can apply across the board, enabling real-time spend notifications and spend control for any customer and any service. You want to maintain a single product catalog, single rating engine and single customer database so that you can offer the same products and services to all subscribers. This means you save time, money and risk, but more importantly, you have the innovation capability within reach to bring new products and services universally to your ever-demanding customer base. You want support for network evolution to 4G and beyond.

With Singleview you can have it all! Singleview Commerce Engine provides real-time authorization and credit control for voice, data, content and commerce services, creating a common, flexible, transaction charging framework across any network or service platform—performing the Online Charging Function. Singleview can be deployed alongside an existing IN as an adjunct component or be part of a distributed charging architecture—evolving to be the single system handling all customers and offline and online charging.