CSG Assure

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Changes in voice calling markets and networks have exposed many carriers to revenue loss and deteriorating quality in their international voice business. This loss of quality stems from issues like call routing over multiple network types and the rise of bypass fraud. Poor call quality compromises the customer experience, and revenue is often delayed or lost through inter-carrier disputes over fair charges and the service quality delivered.

CSG Assure is the market-leading quality testing solution, used by over 150 mobile operators and carriers worldwide. It helps operators demonstrate and prove their call quality, attracting other operators and carriers to use their networks. CSG Assure transforms the cost-driven wholesale and termination traffic market into a market driven by quality, not just cost. The service is powered by the Assure Global Test Network, a proprietary test network which covers more than 450 mobile networks. CSG Assure is the defacto standard for carriers seeking to protect and secure margin through guaranteed CLI delivery and other key quality features to destinations around the world