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CSG Assure

Maximize Service Quality and Minimize Fraud

Keep your users connected and deliver quality service with global voice, data, SMS testing tools, roaming and contact center testing.

Verify network quality anywhere in the world

Proactively check contact center quality

Make every business call or message a good one with robust SMS testing tools for delivery, connectivity, delays and call quality on your carrier’s network.

Assure contact center testing
  • Have a conversation with your call bridge or conference service with interactive voice (IVR) testing for local or virtual SIMs.
  • Automatically test two-way SMS scenarios like two-factor authentication (2FA), appointment scheduling, car parking, televoting and more.
  • Test your DID and access numbers from a domestic or international mobile network test node on the Assure network.
  • Get a true understanding of your customers' experience on your network with voice quality (MO) testing.
  • Make sure your carrier is meeting expected quality SLAs with real-time updates and alerts.

Give roamers an experience that’s just like home

Guarantee service quality even when subscribers are roaming. Test the end user experience on partner networks so everyone gets the service they pay for.

Roaming Quality Testing
  • Verify service quality and detect fraud in your roaming traffic with a SaaS managed test facility.
  • Increase roaming usage and revenue with quality assurance for voice, SMS and mobile data.
  • Test inbound and outbound roamer experiences against different quality parameters.
  • Immediately flag and troubleshoot problems with interactive, real-time testing and traces for local and virtual SIMs.
  • Steer roamers to your preferred roaming partner and ensure target volumes in agreements are fulfilled with network scanning of registration attempts.

Let subscribers roam where they want

Learn how CSG Assure’s roaming testing can help you verify the quality of inbound and outbound roaming traffic from an end customer perspective.

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Automatically test your SMS

Ensure every customer gets the right message at the right time with automated SMS testing tool.

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  • Send texts to domestic or international destinations via Assure test nodes.
  • Support common use cases like multi-factor authentication (MFA) testing, outbound SMS delivery testing and access testing.
  • Simulate the sending and receiving of SMS via the Assure API, story tests and A2P or P2A flows.
  • Verify SMS delivery with mobile terminating (MT) tests or mobile originating (MO) tests.
  • Check true delivery times, sender addresses, message content accuracy and more.

Test call quality from anywhere in the world

Get a leg up on dropped calls with various types of testing for voice calls, including quality and connectivity testing.

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  • Run individual or all-in-one tests for connectivity, calling line identification (CLI), false answer supervision (FAS) and quality.
  • Test voice quality and mean opinion score (MOS) against fixed destinations without having to call every customer.
  • Verify the ability of the carrier route to properly transmit inbound and outbound calls with our SMS route testing tool (DTMF tests).
  • Check how long it takes between the last digit sent and alerting (post-gateway ringing delay) or if a call is properly connected (answer seizure ratio).

Outsmart fraudsters with active and passive testing

Telcos lose almost $30 billion to fraud every year. And telecom fraud not only impacts telcos’ bottom lines—it also impacts their relationships with customers.

Telcos want to take action—almost 75% say fraud is growing in importance in their organization. Learn how you can protect your revenue and keep fraudsters off your networks with CSG Detect, an incident detection and visualization solution with fully integrated testing.

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Outsmart fraudsters with active and passive testing

Detect and protect against fraud


Find more instances of fraud, faster

Detect potential problems in live traffic, then trigger an active test to verify the problem. Train live traffic analysis and increase the speed of live traffic analysis with active test results, available in just minutes.


Shut down fraud in real time

Automatically conclude if anomalies are caused by fraud and review trends from Detect’s dashboard. We’re continuously updating our fraud detection logic so you’re always getting the most up-to-date coverage.


Get help from the experts

Fraud doesn’t sleep, and neither do we. We’ll back up your fraud team with our network operations center, and take care of end-to-end service level monitoring 24/7. Plus, fraudsters have a more difficult time fooling logic that’s hosted off of your premises.

Shut down common fraud tactics

Get peace of mind about call quality

Both Assure and Detect are run in the cloud, so there’s no hardware or capex required. And since both available as a SaaS subscription, you have a clear idea of what your costs are. Get extra peace of mind when you deploy Assure or Detect as a managed service, and get notified of any issues in real time.

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Get peace of mind about call quality

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