Webinar: Transformational Strategies to Ignite Your Customer Experience

In August 2022, CSG commissioned Forrester to conduct an online survey with 480+ global decision-makers in CX, operations, and marketing roles across telecommunications, retail, healthcare, and financial services/insurance industries to explore how an enterprise-wide CX strategy enables companies to be customer-obsessed and drives success for the customer, the employee, the industry, and the business.

In this interactive discussion, guest Joana de Quintanilha, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and Mark Smith, CSG’s SVP of Digital Experience, discuss the transformative customer and employee experience outcomes organizations can experience with the right strategy, tools and investment.

In this webinar, we share key findings including:

  • How to better position your organization to meet key customer demands and overcome top challenges.
  • The importance of budgeting and investing wisely in customer journey orchestration solutions to maximize the ROI of CX initiatives.
  • Top resources required for companies to elevate customer and employee experiences.
  • Actionable recommendations to provide consistent, proactive, and personalized experiences that improve customer and employee engagement
  • How to amplify your journey orchestration using industry-specific CX tools, that drive higher customer satisfaction, sales and revenue, and retention