Future BSS: Enabling the B2B growth opportunity

Future BSS: Enabling the B2B growth opportunity

We embark on a journey into the evolution of BSS systems for telecom operators. With a focus on industry trends directly impacting BSS including 5G SA, we’ll navigate through the intricacies of CSP plans. From dissecting BSS spending strategies and technology adoption to unraveling business model enablement, you will gain insights into the future of telecom landscape.

We also delve into the specific domains of BSS environments, uncovering CSPs’ plans for evolution, spending allocation, partnerships, and preferred technology approaches.

Join us as we:

  • Unveil the impact of 5G SA and other pivotal trends on BSS.
  • Delve into spending strategies, technology adoption, and business model enablement.
  • Explore how CSPs plan to evolve key domains within their BSS environments.
  • Uncover the partnerships that will shape the future of telecoms.
  • Take a closer look at the varied tech strategies CSPs are gearing up to embrace.