Webinar Recording: Emerging Technology to Define the New Normal


Did the pandemic cause a flurry of technological innovation? Do we now have better ways to deploy WFH? Implement self-service? Implement AI? Hear an expert view on the new landscape of technological innovation. This session will focus on view of the view of what’s possible as inspired by what was necessary.


Steve Walsh is the CEO of Procurrence, a technology marketplace focused on small & medium businesses. Steve is an entrepreneur and angel investor with a 20+ year background working as an executive for some of the largest technology and media companies like Comcast & Cox Communications.

Javier Limones is the Founder and CEO of Grupo NGN, Inc., a leading Cloud Contact Center and Customer Engagement software provider. While Grupo NGN, the brainchild of Limones, was established in 2014, his expertise and contributions to the Contact Center and telecom industries spans three decades.

Prior to launching Grupo NGN, Limones was co-founder and co-owner of SCS Inc., the company that developed the ASD Softswitch product (precursor of NGNCloudComm). Under Limones’ guidance SCS remained debt free and had lost no customers when it was acquired by Siemens (what is now known as Atos & Unify Inc). SCS’ excellence in financial security and 100% customer retention are attributed to Limones’ leadership.

In 2018, Limones and Grupo NGN acquired the OSCC-CD (ASD Softswitch) software, bringing it back to its original creator. Ever since, Limones and his team at Grupo NGN (which now includes the original developers of the product) are busy supporting clients across the globe. His belief that great customer service combined with quality products provide an excellent customer experience is evident in the continued growth of Grupo NGN.

Dave Bukovinsky is responsible for CSG’s Customer Communication Management portfolio, setting the vision and delivering solutions that enable brands to orchestrate their customer engagement across digital, print, and voice channels.

He has more than 25 years of experience in driving innovation at companies such as Motorola, Intuit, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, CableLabs, and Level 3. He is a frequent author and speaker on best practices for delivering a differentiated customer experience, and consults with customers as they embark on digital transformation initiatives.

David has a BS of Computer Science from the Ohio State University / College of Engineering, and an MS of Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Moderator:  John Stanovcak, CSG