Webinar Recording: Rapid Pivot to Digital CX: Check your CX Blind Spots


The pandemic forced an unprecedented change in how business and customers interact. Companies made rapid pivots to digital, accelerating their transformations from years to weeks, even completing major changes over a weekend! However, these rapid stops, starts, and pivots may have your customers and employees crashing into unseen new barriers or experiencing unexpected points of friction.

The race to transform CX and business models in a rapidly evolving digital world has never been more critical to business survival. Learn how to check for blind spots where hastily implemented changes may be creating unintended friction in the customer journey and identify which band-aid fixes will earn a permanent spot in your tech stack.

With today’s crisis-driven CX approach shaping long-term customer experience expectations, we’ll explore:

•How to check for three common CX blind spots that drive up contact volumes and customer dissatisfaction

•How to prepare for possible pivots back to traditional channels

•Which band-aid fixes will become part of the company’s long term digital core

Speaker: Dave Bukovinsky, Executive Director of Product Management at CSG