Webinar: The State of Customer Experience 2023: What’s Next For CX?

CSG has a unique vantage point on customer experience (CX), orchestrating over 12 billion customer journey interactions that touch hundreds of millions of lives across the globe, every day. We’ve analyzed the usage of our solutions and extrapolated four major trends businesses need to be aware of as they transform their CX: artificial intelligence, digital transformation, the metaverse and cybersecurity.

But it’s not enough to know the trends.

Gain a competitive advantage with deep understanding of how these insights open new doors for your business to thrive amidst evolving customer expectations. This event brings together members of CSG’s leadership team Mark Smith, SVP of customer experience, James Kirby, SVP of global telco, and Jeanette Mbungo, VP of payment operations, and customer experience thought leader and practitioner, Greg Kihlstrom, who will unpack where CX is and where it’s headed.

During this interactive discussion, you’ll learn:

✅ How to incorporate the CX trends shaping today and tomorrow into your current strategy

✅ The importance of making ROI-driven CX enhancements to best serve evolving customer needs and expectations

✅ Top resources required to successfully incorporate emerging technologies into your CX tech stack

✅ Actionable recommendations for how to jump ahead of the curve to make the everyday interactions extraordinary for customers