Reporting Overview

Business Reporting

Simple but powerful: timely insights that help you make smart business decisions.

If knowledge is power, CSG’s business reporting suite packs a serious punch. This comprehensive suite gives you easy, on-demand access to all your critical customer, sales, and operational data. From acquisition to retention, it ensures you never miss an opportunity to maximize profitability through cross selling, upselling or revenue management.

CSG’s reporting solution combines proven, certified financial and operational reports along with flexible, ad-hoc features for custom reporting and analytics. CSG has you covered – from the big picture to the tiny details.


Data Publisher

CSG Data Publisher is our solution for streaming real-time data from various sources.

Data Publisher delivers transactions through files, queues, or direct application to relational data stores to enable:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Architectural flexibility
  • Transaction integrity
  • Performance and scalability


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