Commerce Engine

Commerce Engine

Successful competition in the digital economy is all about real time. Whether prepaid, postpaid, pay now or hybrid charging, CSG Singleview Commerce Engine offers a carrier-grade solution, proven globally at extreme customer and throughput volumes to meet all your real-time charging requirements for digital and on-line purchases and dramatically accelerate time to market.

Singleview Commerce Engine is a single solution for prepaid and postpaid charging, with flexible customer, product and pricing models for all customers, regardless of how they pay. Employing an ACID compliant in-memory cache to offer very low latency, offering non-linear, tiered, variable, complex and reverse-rating options it maximizes the value of real-time transactions. Multi-dimensional charging dramatically accelerates time to market for any digital, online or traditional purchases. Quickly monetize and merchandise services at scale without worrying about what content subscribers can access.

  • Maximize the value of real-time transactions with low latency, offering non-linear, tiered, variable, complex and reverse-rating options
  • Differentiate your market offerings beyond simple subscription billing to offer innovation in bundling
  • Manage real-time promotions, rich account history, credit balances and product and pricing model flexibility from a single solution

“We chose Singleview Commerce Engine because more than any other solution, it is built to help Hutchison 3G shape the next generation of wireless.” -Hutchison 3G


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