Voice Quality

Achieve enhanced voice quality testing and increased profitability in just five days.

When your subscribers place calls to friends, family or colleagues who live across the world, they want it to sound like they’re in the same room—clear, crisp and static-free. If they are plagued by bad voice quality, the conversation will be cut short. And so will your profits.

CSG can help.

CSG Assure is the industry’s most widely used and proven quality assurance solution. A fully managed service with quick setup and payback, Assure provides voice quality testing, allowing you to measure the caller’s experience, fix outstanding issues, improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

With Assure, you can:

  • Assess the end customers’ perception of the call quality
  • Automatically verify the call quality of your premium service level
  • Spot new routing opportunities with outstanding cost/voice quality ratio
  • Charge higher tariffs for higher quality calls based on voice quality tests
  • Demonstrate and prove your call quality, attracting operators or resellers to use your network

CSG Assure

  • Is based on CSG’s proprietary test network covering more than 450 mobile operators worldwide
  • Can be implemented in one week
  • Is the industry standard with numerous relevant references


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