Digital BSS

Support all Aspects of Digital Services
Winning customer loyalty has never been more critical. So you can’t afford to give away market share to competitors. CSG has the capabilities to support all aspects of digital services today and in the future, no matter how your program may evolve.

Ascendon Digital BSS

Regardless of roots (operator, studio, mobile, enterprise or OTT player) it is imperative for providers today to grow revenue by providing a myriad of services in addition to an exceptional customer experience across all lines of business. Ascendon delivers the agility and speed-to-market key to launching and supporting the varieties of digital services today’s savvy consumers expect.

Ascendon lets organizations to focus resources on strategic initiatives, maintain an exceptional brand image and leverage existing customer relationships through a nimble and agile digital business support system. All while radically reducing costs and delivering the functionality needed to compete in today’s digital world…in 90 days or less!

  • Bundle digital and traditional services in a single solution through a flexible catalog
  • Create personalized and enhanced consumer experiences with cross-channel insights of history, habits and preferences for customized and impactful marketing outreach
  • Manage customer identity, digital lockers and eWallet in real time across all devices the consumer wishes to use
  • Offer virtually unlimited payment options including credit cards, gift cards, loyalty and rewards
  • Deliver consumer experiences that allow end users to check device health, usage and current billing tier attached to the usage

Ascendon skillfully manages the complex ecosystem of products and services sourced from numerous third-parties across the digital services marketplace. This includes extended billing relationships through complex hierarchies that allow partners to understand usage patterns and settlement amounts.

  • Convergent billing module for ultimate flexibility to support any business model

Because Ascendon is a SaaS, cloud-based platform, providers can offer new digital services right now, while moving purposefully toward modernizing front- and back-office systems (if necessary) at their own pace. Only Ascendon can do this!

“The flexible capabilities of CSG’s billing system will help our enterprise business grow and evolve”


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