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Panel Discussion: “AI-Powered Strategies for Telecom Success”

Join industry experts as they explore the transformative power of AI in the telecoms sector and gain valuable insights into the essential considerations for Communications Service Providers when implementing these transformative technologies.


  • Patrick Kelly, Founder, Partner, and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research
  • Chris Featherstone, Principal Data & Generative AI/ML Telco CX GTM Lead, AWS
  • Bindu Subhadramma, Executive Director BSS Core Engineering and Platform Management, Optus
  • Gary Manuel Y Kho, FVP for Enterprise Architecture, PLDT

Moderator: Letchu Narayanan, VP Sales, CSG


AI-Driven Personalized Billing Experiences

Explore the cutting-edge advancements in cloud-native SaaS monetization, harnessing the power of AI to elevate subscriber value through hyper-personalized experiences, streamline operational processes for enhanced efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge by staying ahead of industry trends.

Speaker: John Fendley, Vice President of Product Management, CSG


Telco 2030

The Coordination Age: New Roles, Business Models & Capabilities
Explore the evolution of the telecommunications sector and the emergence of the Coordination Age. Discover how operators are set to play a crucial role in optimizing and securing customer activities, moving beyond mere connectivity.

Speaker: Philip Laidler, Partner & Consulting Director, STL Partners


Accelerating Time-to-Market in the 5G era

In the realm of 5G and IoT, along with emerging collaborative business models like B2B2X,he demand for advanced, seamlessly integrated CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), order management, and monetization systems is set to surge. Uncover the potential of a swift-to-market strategy empowering you and your partners to launch new products and services within a matter of hours, instead of weeks or even months.

Speaker: Greg Tilton, VP Product Line, CSG


Exploring Key CSP Market Opportunities to Unlock Growth with Neel Dayal

Engage in an insightful fireside chat with Neel Dayal, an industry expert with extensive experience in 5G research and implementation. Gain valuable insights into the future of telecommunications.

Speaker: Neel Dayal, Senior Director of Innovation, Rogers Communications


Unleashing the Power of Cloud: Business Transformation & Maximizing ROI

Explore the transformative potential of cloud technology for businesses. Discover strategies for maximizing ROI through 5G integration, harnessing AI-driven insights, and ensuring security with a cloud-native SaaS solution.

Speaker: Sean Casey, VP Product Management, CSG


From Good to Great: How Generative A.I Enhances Customer Experiences to Drive Business Success

Dive into the potential of generative A.I.o revolutionize customer experiences. Learn how it personalizes, creates, and automates, leading to hyper-personalized, memorable experiences that drive satisfaction and business success.

Speaker: Eric Carrasquilla, EVP & President of CX, CSG

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