5G promises faster speeds, lower latencies and greater capacity than ever before. But you'll need to be able to scale and support 5G use cases. At CSG, we're not preparing for 5G—we're already ready.

5G Enables Everything

The Internet of Things. Augmented reality. Connected cars. Each of these technologies needs a fast, reliable network connection to work—something only 5G networks can provide. With speeds up to 1000 times faster than 4G, latency under a millisecond and 1000 times greater capacity, 5G will support huge numbers of devices connecting to the network simultaneously. All while delivering the fast, reliable connections needed for innovative use cases.

But 5G network usage needs to be rated and charged in near-real time, at massive scale—without driving up costs. CSG’s 5G mediation and charging solutions help operators quickly realize the value of 5G, and in a deployment model that works best for them. CSG’s proven scalability easily manages the billions of events per day at ultra-low latency, even in virtualized environments. Integrate with your existing online charging system, or upgrade your OCS to CSG’s market-leading solutions. Deploy our solutions on the edge of your virtual infrastructure (NFVI) and integrate with any B/OSS system.

CSG Knows 5G

Prepare your networks for 5G with CSG. Our 5G solutions are NFV and cloud-ready, and certified “Ready for NFV” by VMware. We process over 178 billion EDRs per day for our largest client alone, so we’re ready to handle the massive scale of 5G. And, since our 5G solutions are built on Amazon Web Services, they can elastically scale to support high volume traffic, so you only pay for what you need.

5G Monetization

Charge for innovative use cases in real time with our 5G Monetization solutions. Use our 5G Dynamic Charging Function (CHF) to handle the incoming 5G traffic to your existing OCS. Or combine our 5G charging and mediation solutions into a comprehensive Convergent Charging System (CCS). Deploy different CHFs for different slices of your network, or deploy across multiple slices—whatever works best for your business. The 5G CHF integrates with any B/OSS system, and is available on-premise or in the cloud for faster launch.

5G Mediation

The massive increase in 5G charging transactions will overwhelm traditional charging systems. Our 5G mediation solution offloads a large proportion of the charging transactions and processes them locally. We only send transactions that require rating/balance updates to the online charging system. By OCS transaction volumes, you can control and even reduce hardware and cloud processing costs.

5G Scalability

Our cloud-based 5G charging function (CHF) uses half the platform architecture of traditional CHFs. And processes charging volumes with single-second latencies. Because our virtualized network functions (VNF) live in the cloud, you don’t need any additional commercial databases to support 5G volumes. You can quickly launch services on the 5G Core with existing OCS/prepaid systems.


Digital Monetization

CSG’s cloudbased platforms enables providers to launch new digital services in 90 days or less and quickly participate in the federated digital economy.


With 5G and IoT creating billions more device connections, you need a way to process customer data usage in real time. Easily collect and manage any type of network data at scale with CSG.



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