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Charging, Policy, Mediation & Network Messaging

Handle 5G data at scale

With 5G creating billions more connections, you need a way to maximize investment in existing systems while building 5G business models. Easily collect data, activate devices and send targeted offers with CSG.

Unlock the potential within your data


Transform with minimal risk

Mediation is changing with 5G and beyond. CSG’s mediation and activation solutions have the operational, architectural and business agility to ensure you thrive at scale.

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Go beyond basic charging

Increase revenues and enhance your customers’ quality of experience through personalized services and optimized utilization of network resources with CSG Policy Control.


Future-proof your messaging for 5G

Meet current and 5G network messaging requirements with CSG SMS Platform, a cost-effective, feature-rich virtualized messaging platform.

Process global usage data from one platform

Capture and process data from any network, site or cloud. View global activity across opcos and maintain consistency with containerized, configurable, cloud architecture.
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  • Process usage data across all mediation and charging functions (offline, online, network)
  • Streamline auditing and reporting for corporate, regulatory and legal compliance with multi-level data encryption
  • Manage multiple instances from a single browser console, reducing the effort to manage complex deployments
  • Save time and effort troubleshooting with intelligent alarm diagnostics for data processing issues
  • Quickly implement mediation rules for transaction validation, correlation, de-duplication filtering and routing rules with powerful scripting
  • Quickly implement new business requirements with drag-and-drop configuration for online and offline charging workflows
  • Apply scheduling and prioritization logic to incoming requests to control when, and in what order, the engine processes incoming requests
  • Reduce TCO with increased queueing, throughput, and simultaneous processing on open architecture
  • Support multiple services, industry verticals, network standards, devices and protocols
  • Scale to high volumes with unbeatable and proven reliability in production

  • With CSG, we can now offer the most innovative, subscriber-centric data services on the market.

    Dr. Asif Naimur Rashid, CIO, Robi Axiata

Increase revenue for 4G and 5G services

Monetize 5G with premium pricing for low latency, quality of service, network slices and more. Deploy as a standalone PCRF and PCF, or integrate with CSG Advanced CCS.
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  • Manage policies for converged voice/data/messaging services across 3G, 4G and 5G networks
  • Deliver real-time, personalized, immersive experiences to any subscriber on any device, whether they are at home or roaming
  • Offer application-based plans to target gamers, social networkers, heavy users of streaming, etc.
  • Control subscriptions, data plan creation, campaigns and on-device self-care from a single platform

Future-proof your messaging systems with CSG

Reduce the TCO of your messaging platforms while future-proofing your infrastructure to prepare for 5G.
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  • Meet 5G-specific requirements, including dynamic scaling, to support predicted massive IoT traffic volumes
  • Future-proof messaging for all markets; for use cases like P2P, A2P, M2M; and for all networks, from 3G/4G to 5G and beyond
  • Deploy as a standalone 4G SMSC or 5G SMSF, or as a pre-integrated solution for all messaging requirements
  • Add significant new functionality without disrupting your existing infrastructure with support for DevOps and CI/CD

Handle high volumes with less stress


Get peace of mind with proven platforms

Our solutions are proven to handle massive volumes at some of the most demanding networks in the world.


Scale up for any traffic volume

Reliably support massive and fast-growing transaction volumes so you can seamlessly handle rapid capacity expansions on demand.


Choose from flexible deployment options

With a range of deployments options including cloud and on-premises, our solutions ensure that you maximize the agility and flexibility needed to innovate at scale.

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Ready to upgrade your mediation and policy?

Support all Gs with mediation, policy and network messaging solutions proven to handle massive traffic volumes.