Learn how CSG is leveraging blockchain in its Digital Wholesale suite.

Managing Costs is Critical

With wholesale margins and revenues under pressure, cost optimization is more important than ever. But manually processing partner agreements and settlements drives up your costs, and errors complicate the settlement process. Monthly invoicing only slows down settlements, increasing the likelihood of disputed traffic. Compounding this, telecom fraud is costing operators nearly $30 billion every year, putting further pressure on margins.

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase collaboration between you and your B2B2X partners with CSG’s Digital Wholesale blockchain solution. Using blockchain to automate manual processes and remove intermediaries helps you save millions of dollars and reduce errors. Share fraud traffic streams and avoid invoicing and payment for fraudulent traffic. Smart contract management allows operators to get to market faster with 5G and IoT products at lower costs. CSG is helping operators increase transparency and trust between parties, all while reducing costs and maximizing their wholesale margins.

Leveraging Blockchain Technology

CSG’s approach to leveraging blockchain transforms settlement and its processes from the traditional to the cutting-edge. This evolutionary approach avoids the cost, risk and disruption of replacing established well-performing systems outright with new blockchain-based ones. CSG uses blockchain to reduce duplication of agreements, expedite reconciliation and increase insight into fraudulent traffic. To promote widespread adoption within the industry, CSG is collaborating with ITW’s CBAN and other organizations to promote standardization and interoperability.

Agreement Mastering

Get a single source of truth for you and your partners, so all parties have an accurate, real-time view of contracts and can avoid disputes.

Financial Summary & Discrepancy Information

Share traffic reports between operators on a daily basis in the blockchain, minimizing the number of discrepancies while improving the view of accruals.

Fraud Traffic Identification

Publish traffic streams in the Blockchain and quickly flag fraudulent traffic. Exchange identified fraud streams, share traffic and take action in near real time.


Digital Wholesale

CSG Digital Wholesale is an integrated platform of solutions that helps you manage relationships with other carriers, service providers and business partners.

Digital Wholesale SaaS

The wholesale market changes rapidly, with new regulations showing up as often as new competitors. Operators need a wholesale solution that adapts as fast as the market does.



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