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Customers today have more ways than ever before to reach and interact with your company. They can call, email or send you a text message. They can use WhatsApp, Facebook or TikTok to get in touch. In short, customers can message the companies they do business with anytime, from anywhere. 

Your company needs the correct tools to keep up with customers’ needs and quickly respond to their inquiries. That’s where an artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant comes in handy. This type of conversational AI is gaining popularity, and businesses like yours are finding new ways to use it to get ahead of the competition. 

What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a group of technologies that can analyze data to communicate with customers. The technologies that comprise conversational AI include chatbots,ext message responders and virtual assistants. 

Conversational AI relies on machines that access and analyze large amounts of data to learn natural language, allowing it to imitate human conversations and interactions. AI can recognize text inputs or speech, interpret the data and determine the best way to respond.

CSG offers conversational AI solutions that use virtual assistants to create humanlike interactions with customers.

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Benefits of conversational AI software


Quickly find answers to questions

Chatbots eliminate the need to call customer service, making it quicker and easier for customers to get answers to their questions.


Get support whenever

Conversational AI provides customers support anytime一whether it’s midnight, 6 a.m. or 7:30 p.m. 


Make purchasing decisions

AI virtual assistants support the customer journey by providing shopping support or recommendations. 

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Upgrade their services

Customers who want to add a new service or change their service package can communicate their needs to a chatbot instead of relying on human intervention.


Converse in plain language

AI virtual assistants are fluent in many languages, allowing people to get the support they need in the language they know best.

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Improve the bottom line

By providing customers with CSG’s AI solutions, you not only improve their experience, you may also improve your company’s bottom line via decreased call center volume and customer complaints.

Why use CSG's conversational AI solutions?

You don’t need to hire consulting firm to implement conversational AI software into your organization’s offerings. CSG’s AI solutions can provide your company with agile chatbots and virtual assistants that help you achieve the following:

  • Better return on investment (ROI): Your company can see a higher ROI when it uses chatbots and virtual AI. After 10 weeks in production, one client is set to see $39M ROI. 
  • Reduced labor costs: Chatbots can replace human customer service agents, helping your company lower its labor costs. Clients have seen a 30% reduction in misrouted calls and a two-minute decrease in average call center handling time.
  • Increased customer retention: Conversational AI personalizes the customer experience, making people more likely to shop with your company again.
  • Better employee support: Conversational AI isn’t only for customers. AI virtual assistants can streamline your human resources department by providing support to employees when they have questions about their salaries, hours or benefits.
  • Easy growth: Our conversational AI solution can grow as your company expands. The AI learns through daily interactions, making it easy to integrate it into other areas of your business.
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Learn more about conversational AI

If you want to reap the benefits of conversational AI but aren’t sure how to start, we can help. Contact us todayo learn more about how CSG can help your company begin using conversational AI.

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