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What Is Customer Experience?

Every interaction a person has with your company becomes part of their customer experience (CX)—from the moment they discover what your business offers,o their first purchase,o seeking support from customer service.

Customer experience management is critical to providing customers positive individual interactions and a good overall impression of your company. CSG offers customer experience solutions that deliver better business results in quicker time and at lower risk.

Why is customer experience important?

Although there is not a universal definition of CX, Gartner defines customer experience as “the customer’s perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier’s employees, systems, channels or products.”

Positive customer experiences can generate more revenue, as you’re more likely to retain customers and gain new ones. Poor customer experiences can cause revenue to drop as people look for better options and it becomes harder to acquire new customers.

Two factors directly impact customer experience:he products your company offers and the people who work for you. A great product can enhance customer experience, particularly if it’s easy to use or performs better than expected. Stellar customer service and support, provided by happy employees, also bolster CX.

While stellar customer experience is non-negotiable, it can be challenging to make it work seamlessly. Customer information needs to be made readily available to the teams and representatives that need it. Advertising campaigns must address customers’ needs and wants and encourage them to act. Developing a CX strategy and using the right software platform can help ensure your customers’ experiences are positive from their first interaction with your company.

What is CX strategy?

With a CX strategy, your company develops a plan to provide customers with a positive experience, no matter where they are in their journey or how they connect with your business. This strategy should consider the company’s overall goals and values, plus the current customer data you have. Examine your most important key performance indicators to determine where to expand the power of a journey orchestration platform.

Knowing who your customers are and what they want is part of your CX strategy. Your strategy should also allow your company to form a deep connection with customers that enhances business results.

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Why do you need customer experience software?

Customer experience can be challenging to manage manually. Customer experience software streamlines the process by connecting customer data with personalization. You can then use that data to tailor interactions and truly meet individuals’ needs.

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Xponent connects to systems across your tech stack, pulling in relevant data to create an accurate view of customer preferences, needs and interactions.

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Leverage journey orchestration to ensure customers receive the best next experience in the moments that matter most to build an emotional connection to your brand.

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Connect the customer lifecycle

Xponent provides increased personalization at each step, with the ability to deliver multi-channel, coordinated communications across customer journeys.

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