Digital Monetization

Build, configure and launch services that engage consumers and strengthen brand loyalty—and do it all in 90 days or less with CSG.

Winning In the Digital Age

Digital technologies flipped business as usual on its head. Incumbent companies vanished overnight, replaced by digital innovators who delivered services customers didn’t even know they wanted. Their secret? Agile business models that left legacy systems in the past, so they could launch and test different offers until they hit on what customers wanted. Then, they grew their business with partnerships and payment options so customers could access their services anytime, anywhere.

We can help you fight back. With CSG, you can launch new digital services quickly without overhauling your entire back office. Our digital monetization solutions run alongside your existing systems, so you can test and trial the services of tomorrow while maintaining the profits you have today. Bundle digital and traditional services in a single solution through a flexible catalog, and radically reduce operating costs while significantly increasing the functionality needed to compete in the digital world. Our solutions support your business model evolution to ensure you reduce your costs, maximize your profits and generate new revenues.

Built for Success

We’ve built a next-generation real-time rating and billing platform, offering operators unparalleled flexibility, functionality, and support to transform from traditional service providers into true Digital Service Providers. Work across any number of business lines—wireless, IoT, ITV, cable, and more. We provide real-time authorization and balance management for voice, data, content and commerce services, so customers can access and upgrade their services immediately.

Launch Fast

You don’t have time to code new offers and services from scratch—and with CSG, you don’t have to. Use our unified catalog to bundle digital services with your traditional services, and reuse charging components and capabilities to build commercial product offerings through an intuitive user interface.

Monetize Fast

Charge for any transaction across any network or service platform with real-time convergent rating and charging. Use our dynamic balance management, usage processing and rating and dynamic entitlements, so you can accurately charge customers whether they’re using one device or one million.

Scale Fast

Subscriptions are great, but they’re just scratching the surface. Capture the biggest revenue opportunities when you partner with other companies, where economies of scale help you scale your profits. Plus, our solutions are available on-premise or in the cloud, so we can help you balance speed-to-market, scale and security.

Featured Capabilities

Digital Service Monetization

The possibilities for new digital service offerings are virtually unlimited—so don’t let legacy systems hold you back. Build, configure and launch services that engage consumers and strengthen brand loyalty—and do it all in 90 days or less with CSG.

IoT Monetization

Want to maximize your IoT revenues? You’ll have to look beyond connectivity, and find creative ways to monetize and manage the data generated by billions of devices. At CSG, we’re helping leading companies do just that.

Wireless Monetization

You’ve strategically invested in your wireless networkand the services you’ve built on top of it. But you’re always innovating, so you want to offer the best combination of products, plans and services to your customers. At CSG, we’re innovating wireless with you.

Video Monetization

You’ve got thousands of TV shows and movies in your content library—are you making it easy for customers to find content online? Let customers watch their favorite films and series anytime, anywhere, on any device with CSG’s video solutions.


CSG Ascendon

Ascendon is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud-based platform that enables providers to launch new digital services in 90 days or less and quickly participate in the federated digital economy.

CSG Singleview

Over 70 leading wireline, wireless, IP carriers, and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) rely on CSG Singleview to deliver real-time charging and postpaid billing.



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