Digital Services

The economics of the digital economy are a massive challenge. Businesses must go digital to keep costs low and margins high—all while delivering great CX. Don't just survive, thrive.

Competing in a Digital World

Transforming into a digital service provider isn’t easy. It means fundamentally restructuring your business models, from the storefront to the back office, and digitizing everything you do. You need to make your operations as efficient as possible so you can launch fast, fail fast and scale fast.

CSG fuels your transition from a traditional service provider to a digital service provider, helping you sell, scale and settle for digital services. Get up and running quickly with simple subscriptions or any monetization model. Then, add partners and platform ecosystems to expand what you can offer to customers—and the amount of revenue you can bring in.

Digital Services Success

Support any digital service with CSG. We work with communications service providers, content providers and technology companies worldwide to help them launch digital services quickly. And do it all without having to replace their existing billing system used to support traditional services. Bundle digital and traditional services from a single solution with our flexible catalog. And scale for success with our cloud-first and on-premise solutions.

Customer Payments and Preferences

One-time purchases? Check. Recurring subscriptions? Done. Dynamic discounts and loyalty programs? We can do that too—and all in real time. Charge for digital services across all devices, users and partners based on different monetization models (subscription, usage, etc.) Let end users check device health, usage and current billing tiers attached to their usage.

Digital Partners

Digital services work better when you work together. Sell digital services through a digital ecosystem to any number of end users, whether enterprise, retail, partner, suppliers or end consumers. Set up complex hierarchies that help partners understand usage patterns and settlement amounts. And share revenue with the equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers and other partners that power your digital service.

Platform Flexibility

When your digital services succeed, you need the scale to support them. We offer private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and on-premise solutions to help you scale and support your business model evolution. We use the latest AWS technology to scale capacity based on demand, so you never pay for more than what you use. And our SaaS monetization platform updates in real time, so you always have access to the latest updates and features.


CSG Ascendon Digital Monetization

Ascendon delivers the agility and speed-to-market key to launching and supporting the varieties of digital services today’s savvy consumers expect.



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