IoT Monetization

Want to maximize your IoT revenues? You'll have to look beyond connectivity, finding creative ways to monetize and manage data generated by billions of devices. CSG is helping companies do just that.

Monetizing Data and Devices

Network connectivity is critical for the Internet of Things (IoT) to function, which is why you’re investing in your network to support billions of devices. But if you want to make money from IoT, selling connectivity won’t cut it. The real revenue will come from the value-added digital services you deliver, the data you aggregate, and the partner relationships you forge to deliver those services.

Quickly launch innovative connected services with CSG’s IoT monetization solutions. Earn revenue from sophisticated platform and service ecosystems, data and analytic offerings, and much more. Build, trial and test different IoT services and monetization models, and customize offerings for B2B, B2C and B2B2X audiences.

CSG Knows IoT

Adding partner products and devices to any IoT service can be complex. We’re here to make launching IoT services simpler—and faster. Our IoT monetization solutions have helped leading companies launch IoT services in 90 days or less, and build new offers that sell one device or one million. We’re built to handle the complexity of IoT—we manage over 7 million varied services for one leading operator. And we deliver our solutions over SaaS, private cloud, on-premise or as a managed service—whatever works best for your business.

Be the Ultimate Partner

Make your IoT service go further and launch faster when you work with partners. Sell devices and data services directly to customers, or use our solution to set up your own partner ecosystem. Bill customers directly or on behalf of your partners, and share revenues with OEMs, value-added resellers and more. Plus, add value for your partners by providing insights into how their IoT services are used.

Mix and Match Monetization Models

Collect, correlate, rate, charge and bill at immense scale with our convergent real-time charging solutions. Set up subscription or usage-based pricing models, then move to more complex partner management functions like revenue sharing.

Build Innovative New Offers

You don’t have time to build IoT offers from scratch—you’ve got to get to market quickly. Define product and market offerings quickly and easily without needing to code new offers—our intuitive GUI walks users through the offer creation process. Even better: configure reusable charging rules, policy and threshold limits.

Featured Capabilities

Connected Car Monetization

Wherever customers go, they want a connection that goes with them. Offer in-vehicle connectivity for navigation, safety and entertainment services with CSG.

Smart City Monetization

Smart cities need smart connectivity. A way to capture the data generated by highly populated urban areas, and use insights from that data to prepare for future growth. Build your smart city future with CSG.


Ascendon IoT

To succeed with IoT, you must be able to manage and monetize an increasingly complex web of business partners and device ecosystems. Ascendon IoT provides a platform to sell and deliver wholesale devices and connectivity, including functionality like network activation, usage rating, and partner settlements.



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