Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn't just a technology change. It requires transforming your traditional business into a digital business, and entirely rethinking how business is done. CSG can help.

Winning in a Digital World

Today, it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in—every company is becoming a digital company. But transforming for digital is easier said than done. Most of your revenues still come from traditional services, and your legacy systems aren’t future-ready. To succeed with digital services, you’ll need to completely rethink how you’ve done business before. You need to run your business at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. You need to launch new digital services before your competitors. And you’ll have to work with new partners to offer the end-to-end services customers want.

Enhancing legacy systems with adjunct solutions is not enough. A complete re-architecture that takes advantage of cloud-first capabilities and micro services is crucial. At CSG, we’re here to help you make the transition from traditional to digital, at a pace keeps up with the speed of the market. We know how to optimize and get the best out of legacy systems to drive down costs and free up funding. And we have the technology, the innovation and the experience to enable a true digital business transformation.

Digital Transformation Expertise

At CSG, we’re experts in end-to-end digital transformation. We have the technology and expertise to enable a true digital transformation. And we know how to optimize legacy systems to drive down costs and reinvest savings into digital services. Our SaaS, cloud-based platforms enables customers to build full-scale, full service digital services programs right now, with the front- and back-end capabilities required to quickly monetize and capture consumer loyalty. Plus, we have the flexibility and agility to evolve as fast as the market (or your program direction) changes.

Create Innovative Business Models

Launch new digital services quickly without having to replace your existing billing system. Our digital monetization platform is overlaid on your existing BSS, so you can quickly trial new services and keep your traditional billing operations running smoothly. Deliver digital services to any number of end-users, whether enterprise, retail, partner, supplies or end consumers. And settle with partners in a digital B2B2X ecosystem so you make sure every part of the value chain gets its due.

Significantly Lower Costs

Digitally transforming your operations is just one part of the equation—you need to transform your people and processes, too. Work with CSG’s managed services team to get the quick wins your business is looking for, and make your business environments more lean and agile while reducing risk. We’ll take on the day-to-day-operations—you map out your long-term business strategy for success.

Improve Agility with Cloud SaaS

At CSG, we know digital transformation, because we’ve gone through it ourselves. We’ve taken the best components from our on-premise monetization solutions and built them into our cloud-first SaaS platform, Ascendon. We’ve also made our revenue management solutions more agile and available using Amazon Web Services. Our solutions can scale elastically in the cloud to accommodate peak traffic and data volumes.


Digital Monetization

The possibilities for new digital service offerings are virtually unlimited–so don’t let legacy systems hold you back. Build, configure and launch services that engage consumers and strengthen brand loyalty–and do it all in 90 days or less with CSG.

Digital BSS

Legacy billing systems are a thing of the past–your business is focused on the future. Ascendon delivers any digital service imaginable—and does it cost-effectively, quickly and within a framework that enables businesses to evolve as fast as the market changes.

Managed Services

Focus on growing your business, remaining competitive and supporting your customers—and leave your back-office infrastructure to us. We’ll take on the operations—you take on the market.



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