Enterprise Monetization

Supporting big businesses? You'll need scalable billing solutions that can handle complex pricing models. Simplify complex monetization of multiple services across multiple locations with CSG.

Support Your Biggest Customers

By 2026, the global B2B telco market will be valued at over $100 billion. Many communications service providers are focusing on this market as consumer revenue growth slows. But they aren’t transforming their BSS to effectively support B2B. Siloed charging and billing platforms, built to support bespoke enterprise customer requirements, take too long to update and don’t provide the agility to respond to innovative digital business models. Effectively serving enterprise customers means CSPs need to be able to offer, charge and bill for a portfolio of tailored and bundled products and services.

CSG’s enterprise monetization solutions provide charging, billing and customer management functionality for your largest customers. Capture the value of the B2B market and deliver the complex functionality enterprise customers need to succeed. Consolidate separate enterprise billing instances onto one solution. Manage multiple tenants, charging models and hierarchies without adding additional complexity or systems. Charge and bill for traditional enterprise offers, products and services like VoIP, PBX, Ethernet and more, while establishing new revenue streams from IoT and B2B2X.

Handle the Complexity of the Enterprise

We built our enterprise monetization solutions to handle the scale and scope of enterprise needs. We can handle hierarchies with tens of thousands of nodes, and organizations from consumer family relationships to large corporations. There’s no limit on the depth or width of each hierarchy—think 27,000 hierarchies for 7 million varied services.

Rating, Charging and Billing

Offer charging and billing flexibility for all services, including cloud and SaaS offerings, ICT products and services, IoT offerings and more. Seamlessly support traditional lines of business and new digital offerings, and simplify even the most multifaceted enterprise monetization scenarios.

Partner Management

Incorporate products, services and content from partners on the same bill as CSP-owned services. Manage partnerships, MVNOs and hybrid relationships and parallel-rate events to calculate revenue share for retail and wholesale charges. Our enterprise monetization solutions can also model complex, B2B2X and IoT relationships. Plus, offer multi-tenancy to cover all enterprise business models within a single instance of the solution.

Billing as a Service and White Labeling

Offer your enterprise customers “billing as a service” to bill their customers directly, incorporating logos, branding, and other assets required on GUIs and statements. Present invoices differently for each customer, with varied languages, currencies, tax regimes or countries.


Rating, Charging and Billing

The opportunity: Customer demand for digital services is higher than ever. The catch: your costs and time to market need to be lower than ever. The solution? A better billing platform from CSG.

Partner Management

You’re working with more partners and settling for more services than ever. While there’s a big revenue opportunity, there’s a lot of complexity. Rate and settle for new partner services with CSG.



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