Whether it's at the local or state level, you want to make sure your communities are connected, safe and able to access public services. With CSG, we'll help you do just that.

Connecting and Empowering Your Community

Today’s communities are going digital—all for the benefit of their citizens. Documents that used to come in the mail can be accessed online, saving printing costs and helping communities go green. Citizens can also pay their bills online instead of in-person, and receive the latest updates on city services.

At CSG, we help government institutions of any size stay informed and connected to their citizens, and help you make their lives a little easier.

Your Payment and Print Provider

CSG offers payment, communication, printing and data cleansing services for local, state and federal government. Whether you want to provide online payment for city services or handle data securely, we have what you’re looking for.

Let Citizens Pay for Common Services Online

Tax payments? Check. Court fines and fees? Taken care of. Utility bills? Got it covered. Accept payments for almost any use case you can think of, and do it all using any payment method, on any payment channel. It’s all secure and scalable to meet your needs—our payment solutions are PCI-DSS compliant.

Manage Critical Documents and Records

With CSG, you can design and deliver critical government documents like compliance and regulatory communications, property tax statements, election ballots and more. Keep your records up-to-date and history intact with digital, searchable archival services.

Communicate in Real Time

Quickly connect your citizens to the right department or services with our natural lanauge processing capabilities in our IVR. Let customers text you to learn more about city services (waste management, water usage, etc.) and check basic account information in real time. And send surveys to gather citizen feedback on city initiatives and programs.


Print and Mail for Government

Paper documents aren’t a thing of the pastthey’re part of your organization’s future. CSG provides you with the documents you need to operate todayand archival services to preserve your history for tomorrow.

Customer Experience

A great customer experience isn’t based on just one experience. It’s the sum of every interaction a customer has with your company. Each interaction has to be designed and delivered on the right channel, at the right time, to engage customers for a lifetime. That’s where CSG can help.


Gone are the days when consumer payment options were just cash or credit. With CSG, deliver a payment experience that’s intuitive and on the channel customers prefer.



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