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Be everywhere for customers

CSG Xponent Engagement Channels

Speak as one brand, to one customer, in every digital interaction by connecting communication channels.

Give customers unfettered access, easy self-service and VIP-level personalization across their journeys.

Connect on any channel, in real time


Inbound & outbound voice

Present customers with intuitive menu navigation, personalized service—even conversational AI—whenever they call you or you call them.


Business SMS & MMS

Streamline communication with simple text messages, or interactive images and video. Enable two-way interactions that empower customers to get things done in the text thread.


Mobile notification noftware

Does your brand offer a mobile app? Boost its usage and adoption by sending customers attention-grabbing alerts and calls to action.



Don’t underestimate the tried-and-true email for reaching customers. Use segmentation to cut through inbox clutter and increase response rates.

Introducing CSG Xponent Ignite

Don’t have the time to map out every customer journey from scratch? We’ve got you covered. With a holistic maturity model, ROI calculator and library full of industry-specific, prebuilt journeys, building customer journeys has never been easier.

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Introducing CSG Xponent Ignite

Inspire customer action with mobile notification software

When customers are overwhelmed by the quantity of notifications they receive, how do you get them to respond to yours? With quality—that is, proactive and personalized messages that reach them at the perfect moment.

Learn how to send smart(er) notifications

Why CSG Xponent engagement channels?


Scalability for reliability

Our cloud-based SaaS solutions are built to handle surges in volume, keeping your lines of communication open when customers need you most.


Automation to support your contact center

We can build a cost-saving, customer-wowing IVR with conversational AI, which provides automated assistance to callers and contact center agents alike.


Precision over volume

Avoid overwhelming customers by using CSG’s targeted approach to reach them on the right channel, not every channel.

Digital engagement resources

Strengthen your communication and interactive business messaging strategy

Whether you need to add a channel to your customer communication suite or bolster the ones you have, we have ideas for how to make it count.