The opportunity: customer demand for digital services is higher than ever. The catch: your costs and time to market need to be lower than ever. The solution? A better billing platform from CSG.

Billing Just Got Better

Traditional services don’t make the money they used to, but digital services aren’t yet making enough to offset those gaps. Most companies would see this as a problem, but you see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to rethink business as usual and find a billing solution that can help you keep pace with the digital world while keeping costs down. And provide billing information in a way that’s easy for customers to understand, whether it’s on paper, on their phones or online.

At CSG, we’ve built our business on billing and revenue management. For over 35 years, customers have used our solutions to bill for everything from voice to video to value-added services. Rate, charge and bill for any service in real time or in batch across prepaid, postpaid and convergent payment models. We can do simple subscriptions but so much more—we’ve got the solutions that will help you launch new services quickly and scale for more traffic, partners and data volumes. Plus, our solutions are available on-premise or in the cloud, so we can help you balance speed-to-market, scale and security.

CSG Fits the Bill

CSG’s billing solutions support hundreds of millions of voice, video and data subscribers worldwide. We’ve integrated rating, discounting, bill production and real-time processing into one solution, so you can spend less money on integrating disparate solutions, and more time crafting offers customers care about. We provide a unified product catalog, complex charging and discounting, complex hierarchies, adjustments, tax calculation, general ledger integration, payments and invoice design. And our billing solutions are ISO 27001:2013 and PCI-DSS compliant, so we’re committed to safeguarding your customers’ data as much as you are.

Billing and Account Management

Simpler is better. Bill for all services and payment types from a single platform, letting you get to market quickly without complex implementations holding you back. We support any business model—prepaid, postpaid, real-time, near real-time, or batch. Offer virtually unlimited payment options including credit cards, gift cards, loyalty and rewards. Working with partners? Use our billing-as-a-service and invoice design functionality to customize bills based on languages, currencies and more.

Rate and Charge in Real Time

Give subscribers the real-time account updates they want with real-time rating and charging. Charge for any transaction, group of transactions, service or bundle. There’s no limit to what rating and charging rules you can come up with (per Gb, per minute, and per message are just the start). Instantly process charges for prepaid and postpaid customers, and send top-up reminders or account usage alerts so there’s no bill shock. Plus, you can dynamically discount services based on ongoing promotions or loyalty factors.

New Business Models and Partners

Digital services will be a critical part of your revenues in the future—so start billing for them now. Price, package, provision and bill for simple or complex digital services—our catalog UI makes it easy to quickly set up offers without knowing how to code. Bundle traditional services with digital services to maximize your revenue from both. As you add more digital services, set up new hierarchies and onboard new partners for B2B2X account management and settlement.


CSG Ascendon

Ascendon is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud-based platform that enables providers to launch new digital services in 90 days or less and quickly participate in the federated digital economy.

CSG Singleview

Over 70 leading wireline, wireless, IP carriers, and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) rely on CSG Singleview to deliver real-time charging and postpaid billing.

CSG Advanced Convergent Platform

ACP is the market leader in North American cable and DBS processing, providing a reliable, outsourced, fully functional, customer care and billing platform with the ability to support video, data, wireless, home security and voice services on a single account.



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