Configure, Price, Quote and Order

Learn how we accelerate time to market for new market offerings: from product catalog configuration, to configure, price and quote to order execution and fall-out management.

Seamlessly automate quote and fulfillment for digital services

The catalog of CSP market offerings is set to explode as new multi-party digital services emerge, driven by B2B2X business models and powered by 5G. With these opportunities comes the need to manage the complexities of B2B processes efficiently and effectively.

These complexities range from managing a catalog of offers, to configuring complex orders, to pricing, order execution, decomposition, updates to billing and other systems, as well as managing fall-out processes. In response, the key to market growth and being a partner of choice will be making complex easy.   

CSG is a leader in delivering solutions that make managing complex B2B relationships easier. We understand the importance of an automated configure, price, quote and order process, delivered with open, decoupled platforms that enable zero-touch processing. 

Get new products to market, fast

CSG’s Quote and Order solutions accelerate time to market with end-to-end, open and interoperable design that is that is completely catalog driven. The solutions enable communications and digital service providers to launch new products in hours instead of weeks or months. 

Concept to Cash

Manage a catalog of offers, and configure and execute complex orders and pricing. The solution also supports decomposition and fall-out management, as well as updates to billing and other systems. 

Making the Complex Easier

Our solutions are designed from the ground up to support the needs of CSPs, so you can efficiently manage the complex needs of your B2B customers.  

Future Ready

CSG’s commitment and conformance to industry standards, such as TM Forum, means that our solutions and roadmaps are focused on the open, decoupled architecture needed for the digital economy. 

Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ)

CSG offers a powerful CPQ system enabling service providers to completely automate configuration, pricing and quote management for your products and solutions. Configure products with live pricing to create comprehensive orders that seamlessly flow through to quotes and fulfilment. 

ConfigurationBuild solutions with multi-line orders that capture complex relationships while making pricing and fulfilment simple. 

Live Pricing—Watch pricing update instantly as orders are configured, and see price policies and discounts applied in real time. 

Approvals ManagementManage the quote approval process with out-of-the-box workflows that enable seamless stakeholder sign-off. 

Order Management

Fulfilling orders can be complex. CSG’s catalog-driven order management system leverages reusable processes and visual configuration to provide proactive communication, transparent fulfillment and trouble-free activation.  

Order Orchestration—Automate fulfillment with reusable processes that provide real-time visibility into order progress.

Jeopardy—Manage SLAs and OLAs through jeopardy management and automated escalation processes. 

Task AllocationManage task allocation, data input, work lists and teams, all within your order workflows.

System Tasks—Automate fulfillment tasks and integrate with other CSG systems or external system components. 

Active Inventory—Keep track of customers’ products, including their configurations, change histories and relationships, for real-time inventory management. 


Our catalog builds offers from visual components during the design process, then drives system behavior at run time.

Offers—Control pricing, bundling, business interactions and service qualification through offerings. 

Products—Build products visually from reusable components, including service and resource layers. Define attributes and rules, then launch. 

PricingVisually assign rate codes to product features, then instantly apply customer-specific rate cards and pricing policies at run time. 

Rules—Control product options presented to customers with catalog rules. Visual rules make it simple and avoid code.

Business Interactions—Define the actions you can perform for a product or service, including change or terminate orders, upgrades, contract changes and help desk tickets.

Lifecycles—Define order states and sub-states to drive system behavior, and keep customers informed every step of the way.

ProcessDesign fulfilment processes visually using BPMN, and view real-time process updates as orders flow through the system. 

Decomposition—Build products from service and resource components, then decompose orders into their P/S/R layers to drive seamless fulfilment. 

ServicesVisually define services, then use them as components to build products and offers. 



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5G and IoT, as well as new multi-party business models such as B2B2X will accelerate the need for sophisticated and integrated catalog driven CPQ,< ...

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5G and IoT, as well as new multi-party business models like B2B2X will accelerate the need for sophisticated and integrated catalog driven CPQ, ord ...

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5G and IoT, as well as new multi-party businessmodels such as B2B2X will accelerate the need for sophisticated and integrated catalog driven CPQ, o ...