Digital Mediation

With 5G and IoT creating billions more device connections, you need a way to process customer data usage in real time. Easily collect and manage any type of network data at scale with CSG.

Harness the Power of Data

25 billion. That’s how many device connections there will be by 2025, according to the GSMA. Each connection will be linked to different mobile networks around the world—and each will generate network data at different intervals. You’ll need to move transaction processing from offline to real-time, and scale to support high data volumes and peaks in traffic—think tens of millions of events processed at once. And all those device connections? You need to be able to activate them in real time, anywhere in the world.

CSG’s mediation solutions capture and process customer usage events from today and tomorrow’s networks—4G, LTE, 5G and more—and do it all at scale. Manage offline and online mediation from a single solution, and deploy virtualized network functions (VNFs) so you can support high-volume transactions at a low cost. Respond in real time to user requests for any service, from multimedia and premium content to micro-transactions, and provide financial authentication and authorization for service delivery.

Manage Network Events with Ease

Need a solution that can process billions of events? Look no further. Today, our largest customer processes over 178 billion records per day at a single site alone. We have hundreds of mediation and activation installations worldwide, with customers in over 80 countries. Our agile, intelligent mediation solutions support mediation across any domain (mobile, fixed, broadband) and across all functions (offline, online, network). We support any deployment approach (on-premise, cloud, licensed software or a fully-managed service) so you can find the model that works best for you. 

Online Mediation and Charging Function

When you’re charging for 5G and IoT services in real time, you need to collect, correlate and validate that data in real time, too. Shield your real-time rating systems from complexity by enriching and cleansing data before it hits those systems. We can use Diameter or Service-Based Interface (SBI: Nchf) for real-time processing of subscriber usage events and can handle protocol conversion using our charging function (CHF).

Offline Mediation

Collect, aggregate, correlate and normalize data before sending it to your offline business functions, like settlements, data warehousing and analytics. Our offline mediation solution is in production for both on-premise and public cloud platforms, like AWS and Azure, allowing for massive scalability

Service Activation

The faster you activate devices and services, the sooner you’ll earn revenue. Build your own workflows to activate incoming service orders through our intuitive user interface, and break down complex service orders into a series of manageable tasks. And do it all at scale—our service activation solution handles millions of activation requests per day.


5G Charging

The time to capitalize on 5G Standalone networks is now. CSG’s 5G charging solution provides a cost-effective and efficient way for service providers to seize the 5G opportunity, with minimal risk and disruption to existing systems.

Convergent Digital Mediation and Charging

When you’re supporting billions of devices connections and data, you need to make sure your mediation solutions are in sync. Merge all mediation functions onto a single strategic platform with CSG.


Markets are evolving rapidly. Drive revenue through a flexible and scalable activation platform.

Network Mediation

Communication service providers (CSPs) have a pedigree in collecting usage data—in extremely large quantities and from a diverse range of network interfaces. This data is used for monitoring network quality, billing and accounting purposes such as managing accounts, issuing statements, collecting payments, as well as wholesale settlements, roaming clearing and fraud detection. CSG Network Mediation enables CSPs to collect, transform and deliver quality data from across their network and third parties in order to drive business insights and actionable decisions and ultimately boost revenues.

Active Mediation

5G is upon us, and with it comes a demand for a new approach to charging control. Many charging systems were not built for current throughput levels and will struggle to cope with growing transaction rates. CSG Active Mediation is renowned for cost-effective processing of vast and growing volumes. Active Mediation continues this heritage of redefining the total cost of ownership (TCO) for online mediation, by offering online mediation for any kind of real-time service. Active Mediation delivers superior application performance, unique configuration tools and strong security and auditing features.

VoLTE/IMS Mediation

CSG offers proven, industry-standard architecture for offline charging and IMS mediation. With capabilities like Diameter Portals for multi-vendor IMS network functions, high-performance correlation and a unique multi-site orchestration console, CSG is helping operators around the world quickly launch VoLTE and IMS services and scale cost-effectively with multi-vendor networks.


CSG Digital Mediation

You’ve got to manage multiple network types simultaneous, and keep up with the explosive growth of device availability and complexity of services/bundles. Use our robust, highly available mediation and service activation platform to do just that.



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