Markets are evolving rapidly. Drive revenue through a flexible and scalable activation platform.


The communications industry is in a state of dynamic transformation. As we enter the age of 5G, we are witnessing the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), new applications, consolidation and network evolution at breakneck speeds. These new services are complex and require near real-time, multi-service activation—driving the need for highly available service activation systems. CSG can help.

Our carrier-grade, multi-service activation solution is capable of automatically activating any service on any network. Our solution provides the critical link between subscribers and services, enabling communication service providers (CSPs) to rapidly launch new services, streamline processes and raise customer satisfaction.


CSG’s activation solution is purposely architected to support complex, advanced networks. As an automated, highly configurable service activation platform, it minimizes the cost of integrating heterogeneous networks, technologies and vendor devices.


CSG’s activation solution can be deployed on-premises, in private or public cloud environments, or under virtualization. This design provides the most cost-effective approach to scaling up to manage greater transaction volumes.


We’re always looking for ways to use open source technology, which allows for lower solution costs and continual innovation. This includes migrating multiple activation systems from Oracle Database environments to PostgreSQL, for both on-premise and cloud deployments.


Easily integrate our activation solution into your established infrastructure, and expedite new services by using a library of pre-defined interfaces. Real-time monitoring processes provide a view of service delivery to the network.


Service Activation

Signing up subscribers for a new service is just the starting point. You need to activate the right services for the right subscribers. Automatically activate any service on any network with CSG.

eSIM Orchestration

CSG’s eSIM orchestration solution, combined with our market-leading charging and billing solutions, offers a unique opportunity for the service provider to manage and monetize eSIM technology and improve the user experience. With CSG, you can support both consumer and IoT eSIM scenarios in a single solution, and bill device usage against single or multiple numbers or networks. The solution provides a single integrated platform for activation and management of eSIM devices, while also providing full support for physical SIM cards.



New services and packages often require complex activation to be implemented across several different elements. CSG Interactivate enables simple, rapid integration of new technologies.



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