Wholesale Management

Few markets are as competitive as the wholesale telecom market. With players, policies and partners constantly in flux, you need a solution to handle every kind of traffic—CSG's wholesale solution.

New Services, New Partners

The wholesale telecom market isn’t all about calls and messaging anymore. The greatest returns will come from digitizing your operations so they’re more efficient, and being able to quickly onboard partners for OTT and IoT services. Traditional interconnect settlement and partner management systems aren’t built for the scale or complexity of today’s digital services. That’s why there’s CSG wholesale management.

Maximize the margins from your traditional services and handle the high volumes of records generated by today’s digital services. Settle for any service, whether it’s voice, SMS, OTT or IoT, and handle every kind of traffic through a centralized, integrated platform. With CSG, you can offer more services than you ever could alone, and offer new partners the best rates and routes on your network based on quality and capacity. Plus, the solution is delivered on-premise, in the cloud or through SaaS—whatever model works best for your business.

CSG Knows Wholesale

With CSG’s wholesale management solutions, you’ll have access to the most widely deployed wholesale suite on the market. CSG is the leading interconnect and settlements supplier by revenue worldwide, with a large, installed customer base of 250 operators worldwide. We offer interconnect, partner management, routing, exchange and service assurance in a single solution, or you can choose only the components you need. Want to get more value from our solutions? We know our wholesale solutions better than any other company, so our managed services team will get you the most from our solutions.

Settlement & Partner Management

Bill and settle with external business entities, with other operators, and with a wide range of commercial organizations. Adapt in real time to get the most advantageous rates, and bill for services based on digital rights, licensing, vending, and other types of agreements. Core functionality includes volume-based and enhanced rating features, international (ITU) settlement capability and country-specific reference data loaders.

Trading & Routing

Manage the way you route traffic to foreign destinations—checking costs, quality, and other variables that may have a significant impact on margins. Automatically process and validate price lists, rates, area codes and quality indicators offered by other carriers. The solution recognizes and stores each supplier’s numbering plan and automatically maps the destinations, ranking suppliers and instantly identifying break-out opportunities.

Service Assurance

Check that you—and your customers—are getting the quality you pay other carriers for. Verify quality and detect fraud in your international voice and SMS traffic, improving customer experience and payback on your network investment. Plus, go beyond fraud to blocking it with our combined active and passive testing fraud protection solution.


Settlement and Partner Management

You’re working with more partners and settling for more services than ever. While there’s a big revenue opportunity, there’s a lot of complexity. Rate and settle for new partner services with CSG.

Trading and Routing

With rates and routes changing every hour, you’ve got to buy and sell the best rates as fast as the market changes. Get the best rates and maximize revenue with CSG’s trading and routing solution.

Service Assurance and Fraud Protection

Don’t let poor call quality impact your customer experience—and your profit. Detect and block fraud on your networks in real time with CSG’s service assurance and fraud protection solutions.


CSG Digital Wholesale

CSG Digital Wholesale is an integrated platform of solutions that helps you manage relationships with other carriers, service providers and business partners.

CSG Digital Wholesale SaaS

The wholesale market changes rapidly, with new regulations showing up as often as new competitors. Operators need a wholesale solution that adapts as fast as the market does without dealing with costly upgrades—CSG Digital Wholesale SaaS.



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