Trading and Routing

With rates and routes changing every hour, you've got to buy and sell the best rates as fast as the market changes. Get the best rates and maximize revenue with CSG's trading and routing solution.

Maximize Your Margins

In the past, you exchanged wholesale agreements at fixed rates—but not anymore. Today, you have to manage complex agreements, rates and routes faster than ever before. But buying is a time-consuming process, and you can’t afford to miss out on the best routes. Automate your routing processes and get the best routes at the best price with CSG’s trading and routing solution.

Find the optimal way to route traffic based on rates, quality of service and capacity with our proprietary routing algorithms. Configure the routing strategies that work best for you, whether you’re optimizing for margins, rates, quality, capacity, volume commitments, traffic patterns or agreement fulfillment strategy. Our solution automatically processes and validates the price lists, rates, area codes and quality indicators offered by other carriers, so you can immediately act when you see an opportunity. And we offer A-Number routing to support least cost routing, revenue generation, quality assurance and capacity management.

Getting You The Best Rates and Routes

We have over 250 customers using CSG wholesale solutions, the most widely deployed wholesale suite on the market for voice, SMS, and data services. The suite covers billing and settlement, routing and trading, QoS testing and monitoring, and fraud detection and prevention. We’ve designed our routing algorithms to get you the best rates as quickly as possible, with automatic suggestions and routing orders based on parameters like cost, quality and capacity. We offer advanced provisioning features such as: Destination, Customer Unique Routings, and Composite Products. Plus, our trading and routing capabilities are available on-premise or in the cloud, so you can launch quickly while managing security and costs.

Find the Least-Cost Routes

When you integrate our routing server with our routing system, you can determine the least-cost and optimal route for traffic. Our server communicates directly with the switching elements in the network via SIP protocol. Leverage the full potential of our routing and trading solution, regardless of service or switch type.

Automate Your Operations

Automatically calculate multiple cost definitions based on actual or future routing structure. Provision routing logic against the world’s leading switch types. Our solution dynamically selects preferred routes based on an array of configurable algorithms, so you can spend less time on manual tasks and more time finding the best routes.

Analyze and Take Action

View all routing and trading data from a single platform that’s continuously updated with the latest rates. Our real-time graphical maps let you act on billing errors immediately to avoid any complaints or disputes. Plus, our “routing desk” provides hands-on control, visibility and insight into your operations.


CSG Route

Take operational control of traffic trading and routing, along with automated network provisioning of commercial routing orders, with CSG Route.

CSG Digital Wholesale

CSG Digital Wholesale is an integrated platform of solutions that helps you manage relationships with other carriers, service providers and business partners that drive your business.

CSG Digital Wholesale SaaS

The wholesale market changes rapidly, with new regulations showing up as often as new competitors. Operators need a wholesale solution that adapts as fast as the market does–without dealing with costly upgrades.



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