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Smarter Notifications

Contextual, Real-time Notifications

Smart(er) Notifications is the only real-time interactive messaging solution that interprets the full customer context to proactively and precisely communicate with your customers to drive engagement, acquisition, and loyalty.

Notifications that drive customer action

Communicating with customers through a multitude of channels—email, text, voice, mobile push notifications and others—has become the standard. But all these messages are flooding the airwaves. In the span of a year, the volume of SMS messages that businesses sent consumers skyrocketed by 950%, and voice messages by 270%.

Every day it gets harder to:

  • Get your customer’s attention and interaction

  • Stay relevant all the way throughout the customer lifecycle

  • Drive growth and brand loyalty

  • Obtain a full view of customer activities

Not only do you need to communicate with customers in their preferred channel, you need to make sure that these notifications are contextually relevant – so that customers actually act on them.

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Notifications that drive customer action

A smart(er) way to communicate with customers

CSG combines two best-in-breed technologies—CSG Interactive Messaging and CSG Journey Orchestration. When real-time interactive messaging is paired with contextual behaviors through journey orchestration, the result is an exceptional customer experience. Smart(er) Notifications go one step further in orchestrating cross-channel notifications by gathering immediate feedback on the relevancy and value of the notifications through micro-surveys.

Smart(er) notifications in action

  • Appointment Notifications
  • Automated Collections and Payments
  • Fraud Notifications
  • Customer Care
  • Order Reminders
  • Workflow Alerts
  • Problem/Issue Alerts
  • Compliance Adherence
  • Cross-Sell/Upsells

Smart(er) industry solutions

Break through the notification noise to drive customer engagement

Learn how you can start using Smart(er) Notifications to create exceptional experiences for your customers.

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