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MMS and SMS Business Solutions

Driving Customer Engagement Through Business SMS & MMS Services

Today’s customers want a frictionless, smooth and positive customer experience (CX). An “omni-channel approach” to CX isn’t just about being in every channel—it’s about cutting through the clutter to add value to customers’ lives as they interact with your brand. Text messages, or short message service (SMS) messages, facilitate the customer experience. Using SMS, you can reach individuals no matter where they are, directly on their phones.

Business Text Messages Support Multiple Use Cases for Your Organization

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Requesting feedback

Your customers can provide valuable insights and create opportunities to improve CX. Use SMS to send surveys or review requests, which are more likely to get a response than traditional survey methods.

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Confirming appointments

After a customer has scheduled a service or appointment, text them to confirm it as well as send appointment reminders that allow rescheduling.

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Sending payment reminders and confirmations

Use texts to remind customers that their bills are due soon or thank them for submitting payments.

What Are SMS and MMS Messages?

SMS and multimedia messaging service (MMS) messages are text messages delivered to a customer’s phone number. SMS messages only contain text and are limited to a maximum of 160 characters.

Unlike SMS, MMS messages can contain more than just text. If you’ve ever sent a text with a photo or a group text, you’ve sent an MMS. MMS messages have a higher character limit than SMS communications, so you can use them to send longer messages.

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Why Connect With Customers Using SMS Text Messaging?

Many people prefer text messages to other forms of communication, such as phone calls or emails. Texts are much less disruptive than a phone call and eliminate games of phone tag. When your company sends a text to a customer, they can look at the text and respond when they have an opportunity. 

People tend to be more responsive to text messages than email messages. It’s rare when a person has reached inbox zero and doesn’t have dozens of emails waiting to be read. Texts are more immediate, and people are more likely to see, read and respond to them compared to emails. Text messages are also much less likely to get marked as spam, which makes them more trustworthy than emails.

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SMS business solutions help your company improve CX by providing a messaging platform that lets you track results.

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