Strategy and Advisory

Equipped with proven research methods and industry expertise, we’re your partners in your pursuit of the best end-to-end experiences.


Real-time, personalized experiences are what consumers desire most from brand interactions. According to Forrester, they’re also the hardest tasks to pull off, even though companies have the data needed to do it.

Most companies struggle to serve today’s customer who demands immediate, painless interactions anytime, anywhere and any way. Connecting online and offline experiences is a challenge, as is mapping customer journeys. The CSG Experiences Practice is here to help you overcome your toughest problems in user experiences.


The CSG Experiences Practice provides strategic advice on gathering customer insights and using them to grow your business. Harnessing proven research methods, our strategists help you uncover pain points, understand customer behaviors and leverage other key factors to exceed customer expectations.


Our consultants help you gather diverse, reliable insights from your customers. Use these insights to understand your customers’ attitudes and behaviors in ways you haven’t before. Update user interfaces with better precision, and roadmap new products with more confidence.


Every business is different, so our consultants take a comprehensive approach to understanding your challenges and engineering creative solutions. We assist with a range of marketing operations including use case personas, gap analysis, business model design and product strategy.


With proprietary methods and industry expertise, we help you make sense of your customers’ behaviors in the market today, and help you anticipate the products and features they will demand tomorrow.



With a proven approach, leveraging over 60 work products, we fuel decision-making, frame opportunities for transformed experiences, build shippable solutions, and facilitate continuous improvement.



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