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Communication service providers (CSPs)oday can’t rely on traditional voice and text traffic to drive revenue; demand for those services is expected to decline annually. Meanwhile, demand for digital services—such as data and the Internet of Things (IoT)—will likely gain popularity. To thrive in the digital future, CSPs must seize the opportunity to digitize existing services and offer better support for IoT devices.

Traditional interconnect and partner management systems can’t manage the complexity or scale of modern digital services. CSG does.

What is Digital Wholesale?

Digital Wholesale is a monetization settlement and digital partner management solution. It can handle the high volumes of records today’s digital services generate while maximizing your profit margins for traditional services. 

Our Digital Wholesale is delivered as a public cloud software as a service (SaaS) by default, but delivery can also be made on premises or in your private cloud. CSPs can use CSG to automate processes, reduce costs and keep up with market changes.

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What to look for in a digital wholesale platform

CSG offers these key features:

  • End-to-end support: Your digital wholesale solution should provide full support for billing, revenue sharing, charging and rating.
  • Fraud detection: A digital wholesale solution should help your company recapture lost revenue through efficient fraud detection.
  • Automated routing: A digital wholesale solution should stay on top of ever-changing rates so you can deliver the best rates to your customers.
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The benefits of a digital wholesale platform


Reduces errors

People make mistakes, especially when inputting data manually. Switching to a digital wholesale solution automates much of partner relationship management,esting and other processes. The risk of order errors drops, which saves your company and customers hassle.


Saves time

Automating processes with a digital wholesale solution saves your company time. Your team members no longer need to input orders or information by hand, as everything automatically gets transferred to the platform. Wholesale customers can instantly get the pricing information they want, so they don’t need to contact your company directly. Since using a digital wholesale platform reduces the risk of errors, your team also spends less time fixing mistakes.


Decreases churn

It costs more to seek out new partners than it does to retain existing ones. Using a digital wholesale platform makes life easier for your partners, making them more likely to continue to work with you. You have a chance to build long-lasting, valuable relationships.


Simplify roaming monetization

Keep up with growing global traffic and support new 5G and IoT services through a convergent BCE, TAP and interconnect solution.


Increases top-line and bottom-line revenue

Add more partners to get in front of more potential customers, and quickly settle to avoid disputes. Reduce opex with SaaS, cloud and managed services options.


Improve margins with streamlined, automated routing

Buying is one of the most complicated processes in international wholesale. Stay on top of changing supplier rates and automatically act on the best agreements with a system that dynamically picks and provisions profitable routes.

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