CSG Customer Experience Solutions for Financial Services

Deepen customer relationships across digital channels

Be there for customers throughout their financial journeys. Offer personalized and secure experiences everywhere, from account creation to bill payment, so it’s easier than ever to do business with you.

Over the shoulder view of woman checking her credit card balance statement via her smartphone

Build customer relationships that last a lifetime

The financial customer journey spans decades. Create personalized customer journeys that drive credit card sign-ups, mortgage purchases, insurance plan enrollments and more.

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Make it easy for customers to manage finances

Solve problems faster by automating processes like account balance checks. Send proactive reminders when action is required—or when customers want to application progress.

A man and woman working on home improvements. The man makes a call to the bank on his cell phone while the woman holds a credit card.

Truly understand what customers want

Don’t just collect and analyze customer data—act on it. With data insights at segment and individual levels, you can create new offers customers want to buy on a secure and compliant platform.

Start improving financial customer journeys today

Don’t have the time to map out every customer journey from scratch? The CSG Xponent Ignite journey library comes with dozens of templates designed with best practices in mind, so you can roll out proven journeys from Day 1. Where you take them next, is up to you.

Start the journey
Start improving financial customer journeys today

Improve Revenue Collection

A top 5 American bank achieved a 25% reduction in fraud cases and a 46% reduction in cost-per-call using real-time, two-way interactive fraud alerts.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

A leading Global bank achieved a 95% customer satisfaction rating leveraging proactive and intelligent omnichannel communications.


Boost Self-Service Experience for Employees and Customers

Using CSG Xponent, a North American bank was able to optimize customer friction points when using a new investment application. As a result, 65% of consumers sought help on the website before abandoning usage of the application.

Spend minutes, not hours, on customer engagement

Create and automate journeys for any line of business to get the right message to the right customer at the right time.

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  • Create your own customer journeys or draw from a pre-built library of finance customer journeys (account activation, loan application, etc.)
  • Identify friction points like form abandonment with visual journey flows
  • Correlate key journey behaviors to critical KPIs like NPS and revenue
  • Ingest and orchestrate data from any source, and integrate with engagement channels like email, text and more
  • Build more complex journeys as your maturity increases with CSG’s expert team

Make your data more actionable

Track real-time online interactions anywhere with Xponent Customer Data Platform. Upload your own data (ad hoc research, text analytics) to uncover insights unique to your company.

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  • Get a clear, 360-degree view of each customer using informed segmentations and predictive models
  • Create a unique single profile of all customers and trigger communications in real time to connect with customers when they need you
  • Access customer and marketing data with the flexibility to create dashboards, reports and analytics
  • Leverage your current technology infrastructure
  • Add new data sources and destinations with easy plug-ins to your favorite analytics and data science tools

Integrate systems and channels to deliver secure and personalized communications

Help customers move through their journeys with real-time experiences. Connect on customers’ preferred channel to drive action, while also equipping your employees with tools and information to make their jobs easier.

Explore digital channels
  • Connect all communications channels to a single decisioning interface, and reach clients over SMS, MMS, chat, voice and more
  • Answer client questions faster with automated channels like conversational AI
  • Handle hundreds of thousands of calls at peak times with inbound and outbound voice capabilities
  • Deliver compliant, consistent and secure communications that build trust with your customers
  • Find the right mix of print and digital to improve engagement, and encourage clients to adopt digital channels

Engage with customers at every stage


Customer acquisition

Target and retarget site visitors with relevant content based on their browsing behaviors to increase sign-ups.


Customer onboarding

Make sign-ups seamless with onboarding message sequences, and adjust future communications based on engagement channel and journey progress.


Fraud alerts

Help clients keep their accounts safe with real-time fraud alerts, and reduce response times from minutes to seconds.


Account updates

Reduce the manual effort of sending notifications with automatic messages, and trigger follow-up messages on other channels if required action is not taken.


Customer service

Use conversational AI to answer routine questions so agents can focus on complex issues. Handle hundreds of thousands of calls per hour with a scalable IVR.


Customer retention

Analyze client behavior across their entire journey to-date, then make decisions and offers that reduce friction, like changing payment due dates.

Proven track record

Leader, Forrester WaveTM: Journey Orchestration Platforms, Q2 2020, Q2 2022
Spark Matrix™ Leader
Spark Matrix™ Leader

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