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CSG Achieves Silver TM Forum Open API Certification

The role of the TM Forum in the communications industry cannot be understated. By facilitating collaboration between over 850 global companies, including communication service providers (CSPs), techno ...

5 Digital Engagement Principles To Apply To Your Print Communications 

In today’s market, who isn’t trying to improve their customer engagement? If you’re reading this, chances are your company has set goals to deliver better, more personalized customer experiences ...

Better Together: How Telcos Can Increase Collaboration With Plug And Play

The phrase “plug and play” originated the 1980s, referring to users’ ability to add and configure new devices to their computer systems without the need for manual reconfiguration.

What Role Does Field Service Management Play in the Age of Customer Experience?

When we at CSG read the 2021 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Field Service Management, our first reaction was pure satisfaction at being included in it.

Making Real-Time Contextual Engagement a Reality: Introducing CSG Xponent

Companies now understand customer experience (CX) is the primary differentiator, the main battleground. Their leadership is galvanized behind it.

DTW Recap: An Ecosystem in Action

Over the past several weeks, TM Forum’s Digital Transformation World amassed industry leaders, disruptors and innovators to examine current trends while offering a glimpse into the future. In a cons ...