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How Warranty Contract Management Improves Your Customer Experience

When a product breaks, customers rely on your brand to fix their problem, even if a third party does the work. Developing a strong warranty customer experience journey not only builds trust and loyalty with your customers, but makes you likelier to secure their future business. By deploying the principles of best-in-class field service management to your warranty contract management and service, you can avoid falling short of customer expectations and instead deliver an extraordinary end-to-end experience.

In this post, we will cover three ways warranty contract management can improve your customer experience: by increasing satisfaction, building a stronger brand reputation and driving operational efficiencies that ultimately reduce costs. 


It’s important to have a warranty service that delivers on its promises to customers. What might you be promising? Customers expect a warranty program that has their back if anything breaks. This makes the end-to-end warranty service management process and service experience crucial to overall customer satisfaction. 

The process of a product breaking can typically be a frustrating and a long emotional journey for the customer, but your organization can turn emotional lows into emotional highs with quick time to service and effective problem resolution. Solutions like field service management or warranty contract management can help manage and streamline the customer journey and dissolve communication barriers to improve customer loyalty and reduce churn.  


When customers buy a product with a warranty policy, they expect a certain level of service throughout the entire experience, whether they are interacting with the original manufacturer or not. Even if you outsource repairs to a third party, the customer will primarily associate any successful repairs or any complications with your brand. This means that the journey management from first claim to resolved work order is critical in exceeding customer expectations.  

Timeliness in problem resolution, technicians’ professionalism and communication throughout the warranty journey can impact the perception of your brand. Given that a number of your products will require repairs, how can you ensure that your reputation is protected, whether you are working with your own employees or independent contractors? You must invest in service management for your warranty experience. Doing so will not only improve the quality of your customer interactions but will equip your organization with the operational capabilities to support shifting customer demand. 


Sophisticated warranty service management software supplies the tools your technicians need to keep track of the status of repairs and manage the customer experience end-to-end. This includes using modern augmented reality tools to understand which parts are on order or damaged, inventory tracking to see how many replacements have been made, and contract management technology to determine whether the latest repair will be covered by warranty. The information these new technologies provide can help ensure that your organization is following the best practices for customer service.  

When you have the power of modern warranty service management on your side, you can be more efficient and provide clear communication at each touchpoint on the journey from warranty activation to product service. Not only that, but by having all the information at your fingertips, you can ensure that repairs happen promptly and that your brand works most closely with highly rated technicians. Combining operational and technological efficiencies made possible by modern field service management makes it possible to meet changing customer demands.  


Warranty service is multi-dimensional, and modern field service management can help you improve the experience you deliver for your customers. If you are interested in learning more about how you can provide a differentiated warranty service experience, check out our eBook on delivering stellar warranty service. Inside, you’ll find information about the emotional arc of warranty experiences, capabilities you need like AI and ML for better service resolution and much more.

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