Seeking Technical Consultants & CX Experts


CSG—the industry leader in journey orchestration (JO) software—is currently seeking technically-minded consultants and system implementation specialists to join our partner-led delivery network. Our network helps existing and new clients break down silos and create seamless experiences across channels and journeys.

When done well,rue journey orchestration is real-time interaction management that delivers only the most relevant subject matter to the customer and on their preferred channel, benefiting both the customer and the organization they’re interacting with. At CSG, we do this through our market-leading next best action engine, which suppresses, delivers and progressively profiles data based on the customer’s real-time intent and interactions.

A JO platform is designed to traverse all systems in the technology stack. It provides organizations a unified view and control over the customer journey across multiple touchpoints. This cross-system nature is where the domain expertise of systems integrators come into play. Partners often hold deep knowledge and insight around how to most easily and successfully connect to systems of record (CRMs, CDPs, etc.) and martech systems.

As our JO platform—CSG Xponent—and the decisioning/orchestration markets continue to grow at a rapid pace, we recognize the power of working closely with consultants and systems integrators. Other JO providers seek to bring services and enablement in-house. We, however, are making an intentional effort to decentralize professional service offerings. Our clients’ services needs continue to outscope straightforward JO integration—hey demand broader customer experience (CX) strategy, journey mapping and ongoing technical support. That means strong consulting partners will be key to enabling ongoing, bold CX transformations.

CSG partners will gain immediate access to CSG clients who are actively seeking specialized knowledge. By aligning with CSG, partners provide implementation support and expertise while opening doors to more revenue-generating opportunities for their organization.

With CSG’s industry leading JO offering in their toolkit, partners can offer clients cutting-edge solutions for journey optimization and real-time decisioning, solidifying their position as trusted consultants in the field.

Why Partner with the CX Team at CSG?

Journey orchestration is a priority—not an afterthought—for CSG. As companies that “specialize” in decisioning hubs shift focus to other opportunities,he JO offering often becomes peripheral to the company’s flagship product. This diminishes support for JO products, which then stagnate in features and function. As a result, CX teams get stuck using outdated legacy tools with insufficient decisioning capabilities in behemoth private stacks. And, for end clients, many of the features and functionalities they paid for wind up underutilized due to a lack of integration capabilities.

At CSG, journey orchestration is at our core. We remain laser focused on platform-agnostic journey orchestration, continuing to enhance, invest in and support our Xponent offering.

We have relationships with some of the biggest brands in the world and multiple quarters of continued profitable growth.

We’re committed to being partner friendly as we embrace this new delivery model, recognizing the tremendous value for all stakeholders.

Benefits of Partnering with CSG to Improve CX

The CSG CX Partner Program enables our systems integration partners to deliver Xponent to their clients.

As a partner, you willrn

  • Accelerate business revenue growth with an enhanced offering and access to CSG-derived opportunities.
  • Deliver more value to your clients. Xponent is a powerful tool that can help your clients achieve massive ROI without tearing down their current tech stack. Journey-centric CX transformation will meet your clients’ needs to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Implement the system rapidly. Xponent Ignite’s industry-specific customer journey templates help businesses get started quickly and provide quick wins in partner go to market (GTM) efforts.
  • Receive sophisticated assistance with GTM planning. CSG will provide training and enablement and offer collaboration to bring large projects over the finish line.
  • Build industry-specific CX expertise. Implementing Xponent Ignite can help you develop a reputation as a “people + process +echnology” expert in CX for one (or more) of these industries:

Join CSG’s CX Partner Ecosystem

Become one of the trusted partners our clients count on for continuous CX innovation. Our program offers a unique platform to leverage cutting-edge technologies, industry insights, and a collaborative network all aimed at improving experiences for end customers. The future of customer experience is here, and it begins with you. Learn more here.

Seeking Technical Consultants & CX Experts