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The digital economy is here, and it’s here to stay. Participation is no longer an option. Today, you have to monetize, manage and market digital services faster than your competitors. CSG can help.

Launch New Digital Services

Independent of industry, an incumbent or new entrant, organizations must be able to quickly launch, learn from and scale digital service offerings to stay relevant, build brand loyalty and maintain an enduring customer base in B2C, B2B and B2B2X environments. But change doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be able to get to market quickly while still optimizing the revenue you earn from traditional services.

Ascendon is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud-based platform that enables you to launch new digital services and quickly participate in the federated digital economy. Then move at your own pace toward a business model that dramatically reduces operational expenses, fully digitizes front- and back-offices (if needed) and unites digital services, existing and new, into a single customer relationship. Move subscribers from legacy systems to Ascendon at your own pace while having all the functionality necessary to support a digital services program without added infrastructure.


Ascendon is a globally recognized and award-winning solution that has helped over 20 of the world’s most innovative companies not just compete, but thrive in the digital economy. We do what we say we will do, and put our customers’ success at the center of everything we do.


Ascendon is a purpose-built, SaaS platform enabling organizations to keep up with today’s accelerated pace of change through quarterly software updates—instead of intermittent approaches from traditional software providers—guaranteeing predictability, speed-to-market and agility.

Runs In AWS

Ascendon runs in the AWS public cloud. In addition to data sovereignty, iron clad security, and multigeographical access for operating at lightning speed, AWS provides the shared processing and data resources necessary to match the scale Ascendon customers need.

Real-Time Rating & Charging

Fully cloud-native AWS charging solutions, helping you implement real-time online charging (OCS) functionality and rating capabilities to support and scale for wireless and digital service offerings. Charge for any transaction across any network or service platform.


Ascendon Communications

Whether you are an operator with roots in wireline services or a mobile operator looking for new ways to grow revenue, Ascendon makes it easy to support whatever digital services you can imagine.

Ascendon Media & Entertainment

Multi-profile apps paired with our Ascendon SaaS, cloud-based platform bridge existing technologies (traditional and IP) for a wide range of ITV and video services.

Ascendon Digital Services

The possibilities for new digital service offerings are virtually unlimited—so don’t let legacy systems hold you back. Build, configure and launch services that engage consumers and strengthen brand loyalty.

Ascendon IoT

Ascendon Wholesale & IoT provides a platform to sell and deliver wholesale devices and connectivity, inclusive of network activation, usage rating, and partner settlements.

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