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Whether you are an operator with roots in wireline services or a mobile operator looking for new ways to grow revenue, Ascendon makes it easy to support whatever digital services you can imagine.

Take On the Digital Services Ecosystem

Revenue from traditional services is squeezed and competition is tight. To win, operators must provide a myriad of services and delivering a high-quality customer experience is imperative across all lines of business. But legacy billing systems can’t keep pace with the digital world—and costly replacements aren’t an option. The answer? A nimble, agile and extensible digital BSS that bring significant new functionality without the additional cost.

Ascendon is a SaaS, cloud-based platform providers can offer new digital services right now, while moving purposefully toward modernizing front- and back-office systems at their own pace. Launch new digital services quickly without having to replace your existing billing system used to support traditional services. And radically reduce operating costs while significantly increasing the functionality needed to compete in the digital world.


Key Ascendon Digital CSP solution components include customer management, revenue management and regional pricing. Ascendon runs in the AWS public cloud. In addition to data sovereignty, iron clad security, and multi-geographical access for operating at lightning speed, AWS provides the shared processing and data resources necessary to match the scale Ascendon customers need.

Bundle Traditional and Digital Services

Offer digital and traditional services with a unified and API-driven catalog that enables effective integration with external catalogs and other BSS systems for maximum revenue (and profitability).

Personalize the Experience

Create personalized and enhanced consumer experiences with cross-channel insights of history, habits and preferences for customized and impactful marketing outreach. Offer virtually unlimited payment options including credit cards, gift cards, loyalty and rewards.

Manage Offers and Orders

Order management supports quick-running orders for digital scenarios as well as longer-running, more complex ordering scenarios for traditional services. Offer management features eliminate the need for IT experts to set up, configure or launch new products and services.



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Launch new digital services quickly without having to replace your existing billing system used to support traditional services.

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