CSG Ascendon IoT

As more devices connect to networks, there are more opportunities to earn revenue through connectivity and device ecosystems. Manage new business models and partner relationships in IoT with Ascendon.

Simplify the Complexity of Connectivity

The number of connected devices is exploding across the world, providing infinite possibilities. Device manufacturers and network operators are capitalizing on the business opportunities that come from connected things. To succeed, you must be able to manage (and monetize) an increasingly complex web of business partners and device ecosystems.

Ascendon IoT takes the guesswork out of navigating the seemingly infinite number of new business models and partnerships emerging every day from connected devices. Ascendon provides a platform to sell and deliver wholesale devices and connectivity, inclusive of network activation, usage rating, and partner settlements. Manage the web of B2B2X relationships that exist in this multi-dimensional IoT business model. Support recurring revenue streams and relationships. And collect, correlate and ultimately rate, charge and bill at an immense scale.

Seamlessly Manage All IoT Relationships

Ascendon simplifies the most demanding wholesale, IoT and B2B2X business models. Ascendon combines a SaaS, cloud-based platform with quarterly releases so it’s easy to keep up with the pace of change in IoT services at a lower cost. The solution delivers more effective offer management features that eliminate the need for IT experts to set up, configure or launch new products and services.

Manage Data

Ascendon Wholesale & IoT seamlessly collects the massive amounts of data associated with connected devices—and extracts insights and intelligence from this data to make informed business decisions.

Manage Partners

Ascendon has agile partner management capabilities to ensure settlements with partners are realized across the value chain. A differentiated partner experience enables partners to understand usage patterns and settlement amounts.

Manage Orders

Ascendon provides an order management module that supports multi-dimensional ordering for traditional services. The unified and API-driven catalog blends digital and traditional services for maximum revenue (and profitability).



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