CSG Route

Take operational control of traffic trading and routing, along with automated network provisioning of commercial routing orders, with CSG Route.

End-to-End Interconect Trading and Routing

Buying and selling international traffic is a critical component of the wholesale telecom business. It requires precision, market-responsiveness and the coordination of many parts of the organization. CSG Route, the most widely deployed routing and trading system in the world, with over 50 active customers, helps you minimize the cost of interconnect, and more effectively manage your revenue-critical intercarrier business.

CSG Route combines optimized routing, dynamically selecting preferred routes based on an array of customer-configurable algorithms, automated provisioning of routing logic against all of the world’s leading switch types, and a “routing desk,” providing hands-on control, visibility and insight to the intercarrier side of the business.

Improve Margin Management

Reduce interconnect costs without sacrificing quality through automated routing decisions. CSG Route provides operational control of traffic trading and routing along with automated network provisioning of commercial routing orders, from a single integrated system. CSG Route automatically processes and validates the price lists, rates, area codes and quality indicators offered by other carriers.

Configure to Your Specifications

CSG Route’s configurable algorithms let you define different routing strategies based on margins, rates, quality, capacity, volume commitments, traffic patterns and agreement fulfillment strategy. Route supports variable time-of-day routings, and gives you constant access to the latest quality and capacity data.

Trade Intelligently

CSG Route makes tariff-setting quick and easy, automatically calculating multiple cost definitions based on actual or future routing structures and price lists with customer-specific layouts, and supporting on-the-fly rate negotiations.

Get Real-Time Insights

CSG Route reports on actual cost savings, loss and profitability, giving you a complete view of business performance in real time. Standard business performance reports include revenue, product performance, profitability, minute margin, termination cost, traffic, quality, network utilization and more.



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