Journey as a Service

Want to launch journeys faster than you could code them? Leverage industry-specific, pre-packaged starter kits and experience design services to launch high-value journeys in under 90 days.

Full-Service Support for Your Customer Journey

One of the biggest challenges to customer journey success is getting started. In the past, only the largest organizations have had the resources to invest in holistic journey technology solutions. Today, every business can benefit from top-of-the-line customer journey capabilities.  
To make it easier to get started, we’ve developed a set of pre-built customer journeys that can be deployed in under 90 days. Our customer experience design and services team manages the technical setup, troubleshooting, and implementation, so your team can focus on creating the next best experience for your customers anytime, anywhere, on any channel.  

Journey as a Service Features

CSG Journey as a Service allows you to get started fast, deploy proven-value journeys, and demonstrate ROI from day onewithout starting from square oneBuilding from a single journey allows you to avoid internal resource bottlenecks, prove value at every step, and seamlessly move customers and clients from journey to journey as you expand.  

Infinitely Scalable

Start with a single journey or a dozen, then expand experiences to onboarding, upsell, retention and beyond.

A Complete Approach

See journey improvements while you get your morning coffee as our services team optimizes the experience for your customers. 

Take The First Step

Every pre-packaged journey within the Journey as a Service offering lays the foundation for future journey success. 


CSG Xponent

Finally—a customer engagement platform that brings it all together. Deliver personalized experiences in real time, across all your communication channels, and driven by your data using CSG Xponent™.

Journey Analytics

Your customer’s journey can start anywhere—and go everywhere. With so many potential paths, you need a way to discover, measure and monitor the journeys that matter

Journey Orchestration

Consumers expect seamless experiences across all touchpoints with brands they do business with. Orchestrate conversations that are consistent and relevant to the customer’s journey with CSG. 



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